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Mudline Sports Field Closure Information - Inclement Weather 

SAMLARC reserves the right to close any SAMLARC park sports field due to inclement weather to maintain a safe environment and preserve the facility. The SAMLARC Park Use Manager will make the final decision regarding park closures. For up-to-date park closure information, please call SAMLARC Mudline at 949.448.6217.

Park Use 
The lower field at Solana Park  is undergoing  a turf conversion from the current Fescue blade grass to hybrid Bermuda grass. The hybrid Bermuda is better turf for sports fields, as it provides a more uniform surface than the current Fescue. It also requires less water.  This is a SAMLARC Capital Improvement project, along with Santa Margarita Pop Warner Football and American Youth Soccer Organization Region 630. The water is going to be shut off as part of the water conservation plan to allow the grass to die out. 

This project was approved by the Board. The field will be sprayed twice with an herbicide to kill the grass in April 2015. A temporary fence  has been installed around the Lower Solana Field during this process, which will take approximately five months, from April to September. After the herbicide takes effect, the soil would then be prepared for the hybrid Bermuda seed to be sprayed. Over the summer, the grass will grow and take root.  Upon completion, the lower field at Solana Park will be scheduled to reopen in September 2015.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us maintain SAMLARC facilities.