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Tree & Bench Dedication Program

Living Dedications in a Life-long Community

Do you know someone extraordinary whom you would like to celebrate? Is there a special occasion or achievement that you would like to memorialize? Would you like to give your community an opportunity to enjoy SAMLARC's natural beauty?

The SAMLARC Plant-A-Tree and Community Bench Dedication Program offers an extraordinary opportunity to celebrate loved ones and special achievements, while creating a lasting gift for the community.

SAMLARC Members may apply to dedicate a living tree or a community bench to commemorate loved ones, achievements, and special occasions. Eligible locations for trees include Arroyo Vista Park, Altisima Park, and Central Park. Eligible locations for benches include Central Park and the Lakeshore Park. Proposals of alternate locations may be considered by the Landscape and Facilities Enhancement Committee.


Members may select a location in one of the eligible parks, and a tree from the plant palette.


Members may choose to update an existing bench or add an additional bench to one of the eligible parks.

Plant-A-Tree and Community Bench Locations

Lakeshore Park | Central Park

Altisima Park | Arroyo Vista Park

How to Participate​


SAMLARC Members are welcome to participate in the program. Please partner with SAMLARC to begin the dedication process.

  1. Download an application by clicking the green button above.

  2. Complete the application and return to Jonathon Hill, Capital & Reserve Project Manager. The application may be emailed or delivered to the SAMLARC Business Office.

  3. The application will be reviewed by SAMLARC Management to determine exact location, species/design, and pricing.

  4. The application will be reviewed Landscape & Facilities Enhancement Committee and adjustments made as necessary.

  5. SAMLARC will coordinate the purchase and installation of the tree and/or bench, along with commemorative placque.

  6. Donor will receive a certificate of completion, including GPS coordinates of the exact location of the tree and/or bench to celebrate!

For questions or more information atbout the SAMLARC Plant-A-Tree and Community Bench Dedication Program, please contact  Jonathon Hill, Capital & Reserve Project Manager, at 949-709-0018 or 

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