Fire Safety

Preparedness is the Best Protection

California's landscapes and climates offer beauty, warmth, and great memories year-round. However, California homeowners are also familiar with the unique responsibilities that come with establishing roots in The Golden State. In recent years, wildfires have devastated communities  throughout California. While it may be tempting to dismiss the thought of a wildfire in our community, preparation is key to keeping your family and property safe.

The Orange County Fire Authority offers valuable resources in helping homeowners protect their homes. We invite you to explore the helpful information below, and visit for even more resources.


A well-stocked Disaster Supply Kit in will prepare your family for emergencies.


Embers are the leading cause of structural damage and home loss in a wildfire.

Door Installation

OCFA offers free wildfire home assessments to help reduce your home's vulnerability to wildfire. 


Controlling plant material on your property can significantly reduce the spread of wildfire.

fire flag.png

A Red Flag Warning signals the need for heightened awareness and increased fire safety.

Create and maintain Defensible Space around your home to help firefighters extinguish flames.

SAMLARC's Commitment to Defensible Space

Since its founding in the 1980s, SAMLARC has collaborated with professional landscape service providers to ensure that its community landscaping is fire-resistant. Tree removal and rehabilitation, landscape replacement, slope stability assessment, and vegetation management are just a few of the methods SAMLARC uses to reduce the risk of a spreading wildfire throughout the community. 

Beginning in 2018, the Orange County Fire Authority elected to require master-planned communities (including SAMLARC) to comply with Defensible Space Standards in addition to the communities' existing wildfire mitigation plans. Over the course of 2019-2021, several areas in the SAMLARC community will be modified to better reflect the Defensible Space Standards.