Tree Swallow Art Competition

August 22 - November 9, 2018

We’re excited to welcome a thriving tree swallow community at the Lago Santa Margarita. The addition of tree swallow boxes around the Lake provide the opportunity to not only enhance the Lake’s ecosystem, but to showcase SAMLARC’s talented arts community. 

We invite SAMLARC artists ages 12 and up to submit design and take home a tree swallow box to paint! 

Beginning on August 22, 2018, artists may obtain a registration packet from the SAMLARC Business Office. Artists will have the months of September and October to design and paint their tree swallow boxes – and once the design window has closed, the voting begins! The SAMLARC Community will vote for their favorite tree swallow boxes during the first two weeks of November. The painted boxes will be displayed in the trees surrounding the Lake and enhance the Lake’s feathered community!

Contest Timeline:

August 22 – October 26: Design & Painting

October 29 – November 9: Voting


Participant Categories:

Youth (ages 12-18)

Adults (ages 19 and over)

Groups (mixed age ranges)

Want some inspiration?

Here are a few prompts to help guide your painting:


What does SAMLARC mean to you?

What colors reflect the vibrancy of SAMLARC’s natural surroundings?

Where do you find peace in SAMLARC?

Sign up for the Tree Swallow Art Competition using the form below!

For more information, please contact Marley Sansom

Communications &  Community Lifestyle Manager

949-709-0013 or