Small Changes, Big Waves: Earth Day in Your SAMLARC Community

This April, SAMLARC invites residents to celebrate Earth Day by thinking big – and starting small. The aim of Earth Day is to encourage individuals examine their impact on the planet through everyday actions. On a large scale, SAMLARC works with the changing seasons to provide appropriate landscape services, lifestyle programs, and amenities. Individual SAMLARC Members can also support the interconnectedness, and value of the community by implementing a few small changes that make a big difference!

Pick It Up: It takes a village to make sure our community stays litter-free. Consider joining local organizations like Zero Waste RSM, which makes a fun day out of finding and properly disposing of litter around the town.

Follow Fido: Pet waste in common areas harms the environment, wildlife, and other residents' enjoyment of the community. SAMLARC supplies doggie bags at its parks and trails to help keep these amenities clean and enjoyable for all.

Plant a Garden: Rancho Santa Margarita’s climate is similar to that of the Mediterranean, which inspired SAMLARC’s residential plant list. Before breaking ground, review the plant list for water-wise, hardy plants that harmonize with SAMLARC’s design. A combination of hardscape (walkways/patios) and softscape (living plants) not only looks pleasing to the eye, but also balances the ways your garden absorbs and reflects heat around your home.

Water-Wise: Santa Margarita Water District (SMWD, the water supplier for SAMLARC) offers several resources on ways to use water efficiently in and around your home, from toilet leak tests to irrigation rebates! Investing in efficient appliances or maintaining the items you have can save you money and protect resources for our local water supply.

Stay Informed: Keeping tabs on local utility and municipal projects can help you determine impacts to your daily activities! Various projects are making a tangible difference in Rancho Santa Margarita:

  • Metropolitan Water District Pipeline Repair: 37-day project to repair the 60-inch pipeline that delivers water to the South Orange County region. While no service disruptions are anticipated by SMWD, this is an important time to use water wisely as the Districts temporarily draw on alternative water resources. Click here to learn more

Creative Ways to Give and Enjoy: In addition to recycling, there are many tangible ways to give back to and bolster the spirits of the SAMLARC community!

  • RSM Cares hosts a Food Pantry twice per month. When grocery shopping or taking stock of your pantry, consider donating nonperishable (unopened, unexpired) items to the Pantry. A drop-box is located at the Beach Club as well as other locations throughout the city.

  • If your taste for books is greater than your bookshelves can hold, take a trip to your local library! The RSM Library is anticipated to reopen in June 2021, helping make stories freely accessible to all book lovers.

  • Donate gently used books to the SAMLARC Little Library project! SAMLARC is proud to host a little library Central Park, built by the RSM Moms Club. Community members are free to browse the tiny shelves for a new read while also donating some of their favorite books. SAMLARC also has a Library available for browsing at the Beach Club during the summer season!

Shop Local: The spring and summer seasons are perfect for farmers markets! Cooking with in-season produce will add flavor and value to your meal routines, while buying from local farms reduces shipping, refrigeration, and food waste impacts.

Launch Into SAMLARC Life: The SAMLARC Life mobile app brings community lifestyle to your fingertips! Featuring event registration, amenities information, news, and content tailored just for you, SAMLARC Life is a great way to dive into the broad range of activities that SAMLARC offers Members. Click here to learn more

Make the Switch: Reduce paper waste in your home and streamline your HOA interactions by going digital! SAMLARC offers two convenient, secure, and eco-friendly ways to manage some of the most important aspects of your SAMLARC Membership – E-Statements and the Connect Resident Portal.

  • E-Statements allow homeowners to view their monthly SAMLARC assessment statement online, minimizing the SAMLARC costs associated with printing and mailing paper statements each month and making more resources available to invest in the community. Click here to enroll in E-Statements

  • The Connect Resident Portal allows homeowners to download HOA documents, file home improvement applications, pay assessments, request common area maintenance, and more - whenever and wherever you would like! Before starting up the car to drive to one of SAMLARC’s offices, be sure to check the Portal for answers to some of SAMLARC’s most frequently-asked questions. Click here to learn more about the Portal

Through these changes, individual SAMLARC Members can make a difference in the memories of SAMLARC residents! We also hope that long after Earth Day has passed, SAMLARC families will continue to celebrate the beauty of SAMLARC’s natural environment by visiting the Parks, Pools, Trails, and the Lago Santa Margarita throughout the year!

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