Field Status & Conditions

SAMLARC endeavors to maintain safe and playable field environments for all Members, athletes, and families. The SAMLARC Mudline provides updates on sports fields and facilities during inclement weather. View field status updates below or call 949-448-6217.

​The Mudline is updated at 2:00 p.m. on weekdays and 7:30 a.m. on weekends. During the school week, the Mudline is updated between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. to determine the safety of school use following inclement weather. Please be sure to coordinate with your team coach to learn if your games have been rescheduled or cancelled, as they will have the most current information.

Player safety and field protection are SAMLARC's highest priorities when evaluating fields for playability. SAMLARC will communicate with sports league leaders when field conditions become questionable or unplayable. If a field must be closed, it is to protect player safety and minimize further harm to the field conditions. This shortens the period of time required to perform restoration work, and allows the fields to be re-opened more quickly so athletes and families are able to enjoy the fields. Please refrain from using the fields during closures.

Updated: 03/02/2024 4:41 AM


Field Name Status Notes
Altisima Field 1 Closed  
Altisima Field 2 Closed  
Arroyo Vista Field 1 Closed  
Arroyo Vista Field 2 Closed  
Cañada Vista Field 1 Closed  
Cañada Vista Field 2 Closed  
Central Park Closed  
Estrella Vista Field Closed  
Tijeras Creek Field Closed  
Solana Lower Field Closed  
Monte Vista Field Closed  
Solana Upper Field Closed  
Trabuco Mesa Field 1 Closed  
Trabuco Mesa Field 2 Closed  
Trabuco Mesa Field 4 Closed  
Trabuco Mesa Field 3 Closed  
Vista Verde Field Closed  


Field Name Status Notes
Altisima Diamond 1 Closed  
Altisima Diamond 2 Closed  
Arroyo Vista Diamond 1 Closed  
Arroyo Vista Diamond 2 Closed  
Cañada Vista Diamond 1 Closed  
Cañada Vista Diamond 2 Closed  
Solana Lower Diamond Closed  
Solana Upper Diamond Closed  
Tijeras Creek Diamond 1 Closed  
Tijeras Creek Diamond 2 Closed  
Tijeras Creek Diamond 3 Closed  
Trabuco Mesa Diamond 1 Closed  
Trabuco Mesa Diamond 2 Closed  
Trabuco Mesa Diamond 3 Closed  
Trabuco Mesa Diamond 4 Closed  
Vista Verde Closed  

Basketball Courts

Field Name Status Notes
Altisima Closed  
Mesa Linda Closed  
Monte Vista Closed  
Solana Closed  
Trabuco Mesa Closed  

Tennis & Pickleball Courts

Field Name Status Notes
Altisima Court 1 Pickleball A-D Closed  
Altisima Court 2 Pickleball A-D Closed  
Arroyo Vista Tennis court 1-3 Closed  
Cielo Vista Tennis Court 1 & 2 Closed  
Mesa Linda Tennis Court 1 & 2 Closed  
Monte Vista Tennis Court 1 & 2 Closed  
Trabuco Mesa Tennis Courts 1-3 Closed