Political Signage

Political Signage at SAMLARC

SAMLARC encourages Members to engage in civic activities. Please note and comply with SAMLARC's Political Signage Policies.

Signage Policies Overview


  • Click here to view the map of permitted signage areas
  • Place within designated areas between the red stakes

Material & Size

  • Paper-based, non-mechanical, non-reflective, with no attached objects
  • Maximum size of 24" x 36"

Posting Window

  • Signs may be posted 29 days prior to election and must be removed within 3 days after election

SAMLARC Policies & Guidelines - Political Signage (Section 2.08: Signs, Subsection 4)

  4. The following rules and regulations apply to “Political Signs” on SAMLARC maintenance areas:

a.    Political signage for legally recognized elections at the federal, state, county, and city level or for special districts shall be permitted only on/within areas designated by the SAMLARC Board of Directors.

b.    No political sign may exceed 24” x 36” and must be made of paper-based material only. Two or more signs may not be connected to create a larger single sign.

c.   Political signs shall not be animated, revolve, rotate, move mechanically, flash, reflect, or blink and shall not have flags, kites, valances, pennants or flood lights, laser lights, search lights, or other similar attraction devices.

d.    Political signs will only be permitted to be on display for twenty-nine (29) days prior to said election.

e.    All Political signage must be removed within three (3) days after the election. Any signage not removed within three (3) days after the election will be removed by SAMLARC, or its designated personnel, and discarded if not claimed within three (3) days after removal.

f.   SAMLARC will not be liable for damaged, lost, or stolen signage placed upon SAMLARC maintenance areas. SAMLARC will not be responsible for damage to political signs due to weather, irrigation damage, vandalism, etc.

g.    Any non-compliant political signage on SAMLARC maintenance areas will be removed and discarded. This includes SAMLARC-maintained medians where political signs are not permitted.

h.    SAMLARC reserves the right to remove political signage in order to maintain SAMLARC maintenance areas.

i.    Signs removed by SAMLARC for maintenance reasons will be discarded if not claimed within three (3) days following removal.

j.   Only designated SAMLARC maintenance area locations are approved for political signage (maps will be provided upon request to Management).

k.  No more than two (2) signs per candidate are permitted at each designated SAMLARC maintenance area.

l.  All political signage must be placed within the red ground stake indicators within designated SAMLARC maintenance areas in accordance with the attached, listed “locations designated for political signage.” Any signage outside of these designated areas will be removed. Maps of locations designated for political signage areavailable from the Management Company upon request.