Assessment Payment

SAMLARC Monthly Assessments

SAMLARC assessments are due on the 1st of each month. All payments must be received by the 16th of each month to avoid incurring a late fee.
Pay Assessments & View Payment History through the Connect Resident Portal!

SAMLARC's Connect Resident Portal is a convenient resource where homeowners can pay monthly assessments and view payment history. Homeowners may link their electronic payment account (ClickPay) to the Portal for a streamlined experience. The Portal is facilitated by SAMLARC's Management Company, FirstService Residential, and is synced with FSR's database so homeowners can easily manage payments for additional properties FSR-managed communities.

Electronic Statements

SAMLARC's Management Company, FirstService Residential, offers electronic statements for homeowner records through WelcomeLink. e-Statements allow homeowners to view their monthly assessment records in a secure and convenient environment. e-Statements also reduce the carbon footprint, saving resources for projects in the community. After registering for e-Statements, homeowners will be notified via email when a new monthly statement becomes available.

For urgent statement requests, please send an email (including property address) to:

Accounts Receivable

For questions regarding payment processing, please contact:

Joyce Lussier

SAMLARC Financial Coordinator

949-709-0020 or


Brian Bednersh

SAMLARC Finance Manager

949-709-0029 or

SAMLARC Assessment Information

Deliquency Policy - Effective June 2020

Prompt payment of assessments by all owners is critical to the financial health of the Association and to the enhancement of the property values of our Association. Your Board of Directors takes very seriously its obligation under the CC&R’s and the California Civil Code to enforce the members’ obligation to pay assessments. The Board has adopted this Collection Policy in an effort to discharge that obligation in a fair, consistent, and effective manner in alignment with the CR&Rs and Civil Code. Please click HERE to view the 2020 Delinquent Assessment Collection Policy, effective June 1, 2020

2020 Assessment Increase - Effective January 2020

​The Board of Directors’ goal is to maintain and manage SAMLARC’s assets in a manner that supports property values now and for the future. This is consistent with the Articles of Incorporation which state that the specific and primary purpose of SAMLARC is to provide community services and facilities for the general use, benefit and welfare of homeowners and residences situated within SAMLARC. Following a thorough annual review of our operating budget and a cash flow needs analysis, the Board through a unanimous decision has determined that a homeowner assessment rate increase of $11.04 per unit/per month will be required to maintain effective operations and adequate funding for reserves. Therefore, commencing January 1, 2020, monthly homeowner assessments will be increased from $55.20 to $66.24 per unit/per month. This is the first assessment increase since 2009, and is required to enable SAMLARC to address regulatory and industry changes in a manner that protects and enhances property values. The homeowner assessment is used to maintain the SAMLARC facilities and services to the highest level. This includes costs to operate, maintain, refurbish and upgrade our aging facilities; to continue to align community services to meet the needs of our members; and to cover inflationary costs including water, utilities and services, as well as the cost of implementing recent legislation governing homeowner associations. It also supports the essential reserves necessary to meet long-term requirements to protect SAMLARC’s physical assets. Within the past two years, SAMLARC has experienced unavoidable regulatory and industry changes which significantly impact the Association. Key drivers of the impacts include: Extensive landscape modifications mandated by the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) to meet its Defensible Space requirements related to fire prevention Consecutive California State Law minimum wage increases and resulting wage compression which is passed on by vendors who can no longer absorb the cost Increased water rates proposed by Santa Margarita Water District Reinvestment in SAMLARC’s common area landscape which is now more than 30 years old and in a state of decline The cumulative effects of these impacts, when balanced against SAMLARC’s ability to absorb, defer, or defray these costs, has ultimately necessitated an assessment increase. This is the first assessment increase since 2009, which is unprecedented for a community the size of SAMLARC. The Board of Directors acknowledges and appreciates the pride and support the community has demonstrated, as evidenced by the use of the facilities and considerable participation in programs and events. Our goal continues to be to enhance the community and build upon that pride into the next generation. Very truly yours, The Board of Directors, Rancho Santa Margarita Landscape and Recreation Corporation For questions regarding assessment usage and increases, please contact: Candice Fullenkamp SAMLARC Community Executive Officer 949-709-0015 or

Alternative Assessment Payment Methods

Assessments may also be paid through the following avenues: Directly Through ClickPay ClickPay is an online payment system that helps to facilitate timely payments and streamline Members' payment options.Through Clickpay, assessments may be paid via e-check (ACH) for free or debit/credit card for a small fee. Payments can be set to recur if desired and can be paid in full or fixed amounts. ClickPay is currently the only payment method that accepts credit card or debit card payments. ClickPay is managed through FirstService Residential, SAMLARC's management company. Visit ClickPay directly by clicking HERE, and read Registration Information and FAQ's by clicking HERE. By Mail To mail your check to the FirstService Residential Check Processing Center, please include your account number with your check and mail to: SAMLARC C/O FirstService Residential P.O. Box 62053
Newark, NJ 07101 Through SAMLARC's Office Please note: SAMLARC's Business Office is not equipped to process payments but will facilitate posting. To deliver your check to the SAMLARC Business Office, please visit the Office Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. at: 22342A Avenida Empresa, Suite 102A
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

22342A Avenida Empresa, Suite 102A, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

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