Member Assessments are an integral part of life in the SAMLARC community.

SAMLARC assessments fund the ongoing maintenance of this dynamic community, from pools to events to common area landscaping. Assessments are due on the 1st of each month, and must be received by the 16th to avoid incurring a late fee.

Pay Assessments & View Payment History through the Connect Resident Portal!

SAMLARC's Connect Resident Portal is a convenient resource where homeowners can pay monthly assessments and view payment history. Homeowners may link their electronic payment account (ClickPay) to the Portal for a streamlined experience. The Portal is facilitated by SAMLARC's Management Company, FirstService Residential, and is synced with FSR's database so homeowners can easily manage payments for additional properties FSR-managed communities.

Pay Assessments Online

FirstService Residential offers a convenient platform through which Members may pay their monthly assessment without needing to mail or drop off a physical check! ClickPay allows users to set up automatic payments via ACH, credit/debit card, or bank-based bill pay services. Registering for digital assessment payment helps to ensure your payments are received and processed on time each month.

Electronic Statements

FirstService Residential offers electronic statements for homeowner records through WelcomeLink. e-Statements allow homeowners to view their monthly assessment records in a secure and convenient environment. e-Statements also reduce the carbon footprint, saving resources for projects in the community. After registering for e-Statements, homeowners will be notified via email when a new monthly statement becomes available. Learn more about e-Statements here.