Parking Lot Project

As part of SAMLARC's commitment to maintaining a premier community, professional service providers will execute parking lot maintenance and repairs throughout the community during the first week of May. 

The parking lots of each location will be closed from 7AM-7PM each project day. Facilities will remain open; however, parking will not be permitted onsite.

  • May 1-2
    • Vista Verde 
    • Cielo Vista 
    • Central Park 
    • Beach Club 
  • May 3-4
    • Arroyo Vista 
    • Solana Park 
    • Lakeshore Park
  • May 5-6
    • Cañada Vista
    • Altisima Park 
    • Monte Vista Park 

For questions regarding this project, please contact Eric Rosenkrantz, Capital & Reserve Project Manager, at