Tangled Movie and Craft

Tangled Movie and Craft 

Happy Monday Movie Madness! 

As we practice social distancing, SAMLARC would like to invite you to connect with the community virtually through our daily activities!


We are kicking off this week with Monday Movie Madness, featuring the family friendly movie, "Tangled". If you have access to Disney +, Amazon Prime Video or Youtube, we welcome you to tune in at 7:30!


We encourage you to snap a photo of you and your family as you settle in to watch the movie ! Tag SAMLARC and use the hashtag #SAMLARCmoviemonday to build community spirit and for a chance to get featured!


To pair with Monday Movie Madness, "Tangled", we invite you to make these paper lanterns like the ones from the movie get the kids excited!   

What you'll need:  Construction paper, Toilet paper rolls, Scissors, Glue, and Crayons 



- First, put paper around the toilet paper roll and measure the construction paper and cut it to fit to size.  

- Draw the Rapunzel sun and swirls before, and glue it on to the toilet paper roll. Remember this will be the inside of your lantern so you won't see all the decorations.  

- Measure another piece of paper to fit around your toilet paper roll.  

- Then fold it in half. Cut from the folded side. Leave about an inch edge on the paper. You can make marks on the paper so the kiddos know exactly where to cut.  

- Secure the two ends to make the lantern. Now it's time to add the outer paper on to the toilet paper roll. You can either use a stapler to secure the paper or glue!   


From inspired-motherhood.com We hope you enjoy this fun DIY activity, tag @samlarc to show us your masterpiece! 


We hope you tune in!

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