Succulent Stacks!

Succulent Stacks!

Sunshine Sundays with Kathie! Today she is teaching how to garden in a unique and fun way! "Spending more time than ever at our homes gives us a unique opportunity to do a little creative gardening. Here are a few ideas using items you may already have…

STACK THEM HIGH! Fill three pots of varying sizes with soil, stack them to fit in each other. This one is filled with succulent cuttings taken from other plants; simply take the cutting, leaving several inches of stem. Strip a few leaves away if needed, make a hole (a pencil works) and push the cutting into the soil. It will root on its own. Water well and let completely dry before watering again. Get creative and add a little paint (let the kids help!). You will be ready to welcome family and friends when we can all get together again!

If you don’t have a few pots to use, any container you can add a drainage hole to can be planted! An old colander, rainboots, or paint can could all live new lives as planters.
And you can use up that old paint to decorate!" Happy Planting! -Kathie Wickham CCNPro

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