Ice Cube Painting

Ice Cube Painting

Join the fun with SAMLARC's daily activity! Today we are painting with ice cubes, perfect for this sunny day.


What you’ll need:

ice cube tray

craft paint


popsicle sticks


What you’ll do:

Put a dollop of paint in the bottom of each section of the ice cube tray. Pour water over the paint until it fills each section of the tray. Stir each section with a popsicle stick to mix the paint in with the water. Place the ice cube tray in the freezer. Let the water harden in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Pull the tray out of the freezer and put one popsicle stick in each section to make a handle. Put the tray back in the freezer to harden completely. Remove the frozen paint from the ice cube trays. Hold the paint by the popsicle stick handle and paint on a piece of paper as the ice cube melts.


Post your paintings and tag @samlarc! We hope you have fun!

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