Board of Directors

The SAMLARC Board of Directors is a seven-person Board, with each Director serving in a volunteer capacity for two-year terms.  The Board is responsible for setting policies and the overall direction of the SAMLARC community.

SAMLARC Board of Directors Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Lago Santa Margarita Beach Club Fiesta Room unless otherwise noted. Open Session Board Meetings are open to the SAMLARC Membership. 

Per Civil Code, the Agendas for both meetings are posted at the SAMLARC Business Office and Beach Club prior to Board meetings. When possible, the Agendas and recent Open Session Meeting Minutes may also be made available through the SAMLARC Connect Resident Portal as a courtesy. Minutes are available to Members once they have been signed by the Board of Directors. Please click the green button to visit the Connect Resident Portal.

Members have the opportunity to reach the Board Members directly through the addresses below, by email the Board of Directors at, or attending a Board of Directors Open Session Meeting.  Every email sent to the Board email address will receive a reply.  With regard to the day-to-day SAMLARC operation, Members are encouraged to contact Community Executive Officer George Blair at or (949) 709-0015.

2021 Board Meetings

January 26 | February 23

March 23| April 27 

May 25  |  June 22

July 27  |  August 24 

September 28 | October 26

November 16 | Dark in December

To view Meeting Agendas and submit Homeowners Forum comments, please visit the Connect Resident Portal.

Paul Persiani, President

Paul Persiani and his wife Stephanie are native Southern Californians. They moved to Rancho Santa Margarita in 2004 because the city offered the perfect environment for which to raise their family: safety, cleanliness, amazing schools, and community spirit.

Paul and Stephanie are the parents to four beautiful children that they have raised here in Rancho Santa Margarita. They are proud to live in a city that provides so many community activities and fosters the perfect environment for raising a family.

Paul has 25+ years of experience in manufacturing, primarily as a Design and Process Engineer in the consumer product and medical device industries. As a volunteer and avid youth sports fan, he could often be seen giving his time to the youth of Rancho Santa Margarita as a Little League coach to his boys when they played in Santa Margarita Little League. He served as the President of SMLL from 2015-2017.


Once elected to the Board of Directors, Paul became even more involved in the life of the community. His prior SAMLARC experience includes his position as the Board Vice President, as well as a member of the Landscape and Facilities Enhancement (LFEC), Recycled Water Ad Hoc, Lago Santa Margarita, Budget and Cash Flow, Communications, and Election Committees.

Paul’s goal while serving on the Board is to maintain the quality of life that all of the membership expects as residents of the community, and to strengthen the connection between SAMLARC’s Board, membership, and the City of Rancho Santa Margarita. He also wants to ensure that SAMLARC’s sports parks and facilities are well maintained so that the future of youth sports in Rancho Santa Margarita is the envy of other local communities.

Contact Director Persiani at

Judy Vasquez, Vice President

Judy Vasquez draws on a wealth of professional experience to guide her decisions as a SAMLARC Board Director. Appointed to the Board of Directors in 2019, Judy serves with a passion for cultivating Members’ connections with the community. Her insights bring a diverse perspective to the Board, founded in her desire to enrich SAMLARC’s standing as a unique and welcoming community.

When Judy and her husband Johnny began to explore new homes, they knew that a family-oriented community would be central to their search. Judy had spent several years visiting the Lago Santa Margarita Beach Club as a SAMLARC guest, and knew that SAMLARC offers a beautiful environment, plenty of amenities, and a community spirit perfect for her family.

Judy is committed to preserving and enhancing SAMLARC’s unique beauty. One of her favorite places in the community is the Lago Santa Margarita Beach Club, and she enjoys spending time around the Lake. Judy began serving on the Community Lifestyle Committee in 2018, and can often be seen volunteering at SAMLARC events. Her insights as a Committee Member, homeowner, and parent have helped the Community Lifestyle Committee to reinvigorate SAMLARC’s events.

In her professional capacity, Judy’s background closely aligns with SAMLARC’s vision to serve a vibrant community. Judy has worked in property management for more than twelve (12) years, specializing in multi-family communities. The skills required to successfully manage a multi-family community will assist in her decision-making when evaluating SAMLARC’s budget, operations, and outreach.

As a Board Director, Judy would like to nurture SAMLARC’s partnerships throughout the community; fostering SAMLARC’s visibility with residents and connecting with local businesses to further invigorate SAMLARC’s small-town feel. She recognizes that maintenance of and investment in SAMLARC’s assets is crucial to protecting its reputation as a desirable and high-value community.

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Robert Sherfy, Secretary

Director Robert Sherfy was declared elected to the SAMLARC Board of Directors at the Board of Directors Meeting held on January 26, 2021. 

Having called SAMLARC home for more than five years, he is familiar with the long-term rewards of investing in one’s home and community - echoing SAMLARC’s commitment to preserving the community’s value. The Board looks forward to his partnership in enhancing the SAMLARC community.


Director Sherfy recognizes SAMLARC’s unique role as both a community structure and a recreational organization. His career as a Deputy Assistant and City Attorney for the City of Bakersfield complements SAMLARC’s similarities to a municipal entity. In addition to his professional experience, Director Sherfy has served on the SAMLARC Covenant Committee for three years. As a Committee Member, he has approached resolving policy violations with a collaborative spirit. “There’s a satisfying feeling when the Committee and homeowners collaborate to find the resolution to a compliance problem,” he says. These unique experiences will enrich his role as a Director.

When relocating from Bakersfield, Director Sherfy and his wife were pleased to find that SAMLARC balances large-scale activities within small-scale spaces. The features of the SAMLARC community that attracted the Sherfys also resonate with many homeowners: the community’s balance of beautiful, affordable, and reasonably-sized homes, friendly neighborhoods, and well-maintained amenities. The Sherfys enjoy visiting the Lake and making new friendships through SAMLARC’s community lifestyle programming. They also take care to support local restaurants – Celinda’s, La Fiesta, Selma’s, and Wood Ranch are among their favorites. “Rancho Santa Margarita has a small-town feel,” he says. “Everything you could need – dentist, grocery store, restaurants – is at-hand. It feels like a new community, but it is fully developed – what you see is what you get!”

While serving on the Board, Director Sherfy hopes to continue SAMLARC’s momentum in sustaining high-quality amenities and excellent services. “We do the best we can with the tools we have,” he says. He recognizes the immense responsibility that all Board Directors face when guiding the community. “Board Members should provide as many amenities as possible, with the

most reasonable assessment rates possible – realizing there’s a tension between just keeping people happy and good money management.”

Director Sherfy’s beliefs align with the other Board Directors, who share the same vision for a lively community and dedication to preserving SAMLARC’s attractiveness for original, new, and future homeowners.

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Jeff Halbreich, Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Halbreich brings a wealth of professional and financial experience to the SAMLARC Board of Directors. He has worked in the financial services industry for 18 years and managed his own franchise since 2010. Jeff's financial acumen has enabled him to make responsible decisions regarding the future of the SAMLARC community. For example, Jeff envisions a progressive yet comprehensive revitalization of SAMLARC's landscape design over the next several years to balance the goal of aesthetic improvements with common-sense financial wisdom.

In addition to his professional experience in the financial industry, Jeff has a rich history of serving his community. He served in the United States Army from 1994 – 1997 as a Unit Supply Specialist and continues to volunteer with the Team 2/5 RSM, who provide support and assistance to the men and women of 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines and their families. In the past, Jeff served on the Board of Directors for the RSM Chamber of Commerce and dedicated time to planning chamber events.

Jeff says his vision for SAMLARC is, “To continue to maintain SAMLARC’s assets and amenities in ways that provide the best value to our members, promote opportunities for greater member involvement and awareness, and actively engage with partner organizations within the community in order to support the SAMLARC lifestyle members enjoy every day.”


When discussing his role on the SAMLARC Board of Directors, Jeff's focus on the community motivates his commitment to leadership. Throughout his time serving as a SAMLARC Board Director over the past two years, Jeff worked to place greater emphasis on Rancho Santa Margarita's sports leagues. He recognizes the value of sports for the youth in the community and has helped to strengthen partnerships within Santa Margarita Little League, RTGSA and AYSO to support the families and volunteers who coach young athletes.


Jeff and his wife Becky grew up just north of Philadelphia and moved to California in 1999. After they wed in 2005, they were in search of a larger home and a nearby school to accommodate their future family. Meeting all of their criteria, they settled in Rancho Santa Margarita in 2006. Jeff and Becky have a daughter named Ella and a son named Carter, whom Jeff deems the “loves of his life.”

Jeff looks forward to serving SAMLARC residents throughout his term by offering his financial experience and thinking strategically about ways to enhance the lives of Members who enjoy this beautiful community.

Contact Director Halbreich at

Robert Louvar, Director

Robert Louvar and his wife Monica are transplants from the Midwest. In 2006, they moved to Southern California to be near their oldest daughter and her family, while also enjoying California’s weather and lifestyle.

Robert was a commercial banker for 40+ years with institutions such as Union Bank, California Bank & Trust and JPMorgan Chase. He has worked with publicly traded companies as well as governmental and nonprofit organizations, and now operates a consultancy that assists businesses in obtaining credit. He holds a BBA from the University of Iowa and Graduate Degree in Banking from Stonier.

As an RSM resident for 15 years, Robert brings renewed focus and energy to our community. Robert has served as SAMLARC’s CFO and on many Committees, including;

  • Board Director & CFO

  • Budget & Cash Flow

  • Architectural Review

  • Architectural Compliance Ad Hoc

  • Lago Santa Margarita Ad Hoc

  • Community Lifestyle

  • Communications

  • COVID-19 Executive Ad Hoc


He previously served as a Board Member of the Raise foundation and is active with OC Fire Watch, OC Parks, Cleveland National Forestry, and the RSM Chamber of Commerce.


His goal is to ensure that SAMLARC meets the needs of its Members.


The most pressing issues facing SAMLARC are…

  • Service contract increases due to the effects of California minimum wage mandates as well as COVID-19 hardships

  • Rate increases from Santa Margarita Water District

  • Continued fire prevention work required by OCFA

  • Rejuvenation of landscape due to drought and previous budget reductions

  • Developing a Defensible Space Plan per OCFA’s enhanced requirements


As Stephen Covey said:

“The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

Contact Director Louvar at

Charles Villafana, Director

Charles Villafana and his Wife, Erin grew up in the San Fernando Valley. Both moving around California for school and work (San Luis Obispo County, Napa, Chico, Sacramento and Huntington Beach) they settled into Rancho Santa Margarita in 2010. They have two sons, Emmett and Callan. The Villafana family is involved in many activities including Santa Margarita Little League, AYSO, Santa Margarita Pop Warner and Cub Scouts. 

Charles received his Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Systematic Biology from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Since 2008, he has been a Fisheries Biologist with the National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA-NMFS), where he currently manages the West Coast Region Observer Program monitoring commercial swordfish and tuna fisheries in the Pacific. Prior to that, Charles worked with saltwater recreational fisheries, inland fisheries, wildlife management and outdoor education for the California Department of Fish and Game, City of Newport Beach, City of San Luis Obispo and Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. Additionally, from 1997-2004 Charles was a Los Angeles County lifeguard and swim, water polo and diving coach.

Charles is a member of the Lago Santa Margarita Ad-Hoc Committee with a goal to reintroduce fishing to the Lago Santa Margarita Lake and getting the Golden Algae problem under control.

Charles’ goals as a SAMLARC Director will be to ensure well maintained and utilized parks, pools and sports fields, and a healthy Lake, while maintaining strong relationships and partnerships with the City of RSM, community groups, sports leagues and residents.

Contact Director Villafana at

Deborah Christensen, Director

Director Christensen was appointed to the Board at the March 18, 2021 Special Open Session Board of Directors Meeting, and will serve as a Director through the 2022 SAMLARC Election. Her appointment was initiated after former Board Director Michael May unexpectedly resigned due to personal reasons. Director May’s resignation created an opening on the Board to complete the second year of a two-year term. As the term is nearing completion, the Board of Directors conducted a closed recruitment to fill the vacancy; inviting SAMLARC Committee Members and Delegates with direct SAMLARC experience to interview. The Board determined that Director Christensen’s blend of professional experience and community involvement complement the Board’s vision for the community, and duly appointed her to the Board.

Director Christensen has been a SAMLARC Member for over twenty-five (25) years, and has served on the SAMLARC Architectural Review Committee (ARC) from July 2017 through her appointment to the Board this March. Her professional experience includes property management, book-keeping, insurance education and agencies, as well as experience with governmental agencies to remodel a Bed and Breakfast. She has been appointed to serve as the Board Liaison to the ARC and to represent SAMLARC at the Community Associations of Rancho (CAR) community organization. Additionally, Director Christensen has been appointed to serve on SAMLARC’s Community Lifestyle and Insurance Review Committees.

Director Christensen and the SAMLARC Board of Directors are dedicated to preserving SAMLARC’s viability, attractiveness, and value for original, new, and future homeowners.​


Contact Director Christensen at