Feature Photo Fridays

Snap a Picture & Spread Joy!

Send a photo to the email below for a chance to be a part of SAMLARC's weekly photo contest! All submissions must be made by 3:00 p.m. every Thursday to participate in that weekend’s competition!


Share a photo of something beautiful that brings you joy within the SAMLARC community! Ideas can include anything from a flower in your garden, a view as you take a stroll, to a portrait of your pet in the yard!


SAMLARC will feature each photo on the SAMLARC Facebook and Instagram pages for a vote! The photo with the most comments by Sunday evening at 11:00 p.m. will win a $10 virtual Visa gift card and will be featured on Facebook as well as Instagram!


Please submit all photos Jordan Bates, Community Lifestyle Coordinator, at Jordan.Bates@FSResidential.com


To vote, please follow us on social media!

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