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SAMLARC Homeowners


As a Master Homeowners Association, SAMLARC preserves community property values through lifestyle and recreational programming, common area and amenities maintenance, and architectural design. Upon purchasing a home in the SAMLARC community, homeowners agree to abide by SAMLARC's governing documents and embark on an exceptional lifestyle experience.

Virtual Board of Directors Meeting - December 6, 2022

The Board of Directors will host a virtual Board Meeting on December 6, 2022. Please visit the Portal to view the meeting information, including the virtual meeting link, Agendas, and information on Homeowners Forum. 

SAMLARC Members can enjoy a wide variety of amenities, programs, and ways to connect with the community. These are explored in our New & Now Member Welcome Receptions. To learn more about life at SAMLARC as a new homeowner, please click here!

SAMLARC homeowners have access to the exclusive Connect Resident Portal, which streamlines HOA interactions in one convenient platform!

  • Pay monthly assessments

  • View assessment history

  • Submit architectural modification applications

  • Request common area maintenance

  • Update property unit contact information

  • View monthly Board Meeting Agendas and
    submit Homeowners Forum comments

  • View important Association documents, including:

    • Gate Access Card forms

    • Governing Documents (CC&Rs and Articles of Incorporation)

    • Architectural Standards

    • Policies & Guidelines

    • Board Meeting Information & Minutes

    • Elections Manual & Annual Information

    • Budget & Financials

Register for the Connect Resident Portal
How to Register

  1. Click the green button above to launch the Portal.

  2. Scroll down the page to "Create Account."

  3. Enter a valid email, create a password, and enter your contact and property information. Please enter your SAMLARC Account Number as SAMLA-XXXX-XX.

  4. Confirm your account through the verification email.

  5. Launch the Portal and begin exploring!

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