Landscaping Practices

For questions regarding landscape management, please contact George Blair, SAMLARC Assistant General Manager. He can be reached at 949-709-0014 or
Leader in Efficient, Effective Landscaping

For decades, SAMLARC has pursued the most efficient and sustainable methods of landscape practices. 

Beautiful landscaping begins with healthy landscaping. By creating conditions to encourage strong plants, SAMLARC is able to reduce the need for fertilizers and herbicides in the community, as well as enhance soil fertility.


SAMLARC is a leader in efficient landscape operations, as the first in the country to successfully implement performance-based grant funding for a centrally controlled irrigation system. SAMLARC also strives to reduce green waste production by utilizing lawn mowing equipment that mulches clippings - and the regular installation of this mulch has resulted in a net-zero impact at the landfill.

Landscape management at SAMLARC encompasses several areas: 

  • Pollution prevention

  • Mowing, trimming, weeding, and planting

  • Irrigation

  • Fertilizer and pesticide management

  • Landscape waste management

  • Erosion control

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