Landscaping Practices

For questions regarding landscape management, please contact Jonathon Hill, SAMLARC Assistant General Manager. He can be reached at 949-709-0018 or
Leader in Efficient, Effective Landscaping

For decades, SAMLARC has pursued the most efficient and sustainable methods of landscape practices. 

Beautiful landscaping begins with healthy landscaping. By creating conditions to encourage strong plants, SAMLARC is able to reduce the need for fertilizers and herbicides in the community, as well as enhance soil fertility.


SAMLARC is a leader in efficient landscape operations, as the first in the country to successfully implement performance-based grant funding for a centrally controlled irrigation system. SAMLARC also strives to reduce green waste production by utilizing lawn mowing equipment that mulches clippings - and the regular installation of this mulch has resulted in a net-zero impact at the landfill.

Landscape management at SAMLARC encompasses several areas: 

  • Pollution prevention

  • Mowing, trimming, weeding, and planting

  • Irrigation

  • Fertilizer and pesticide management

  • Landscape waste management

  • Erosion control

Maintaining Landscape in a Master Planned Community

The landscape within SAMLARC is manufactured and designed to be maintained through the use of commercial landscape maintenance standards, including the use of various pest and weed control products. These products are government agency tested and approved and applied by trained and licensed professionals, with oversight from the County and State levels.

What is SAMLARC doing today?

At the August 2019 Board Meeting a Vegetation Management Procedure was approved focusing on the Use of Pesticides and Notice of Pesticide Application.  CLICK HERE to view the Vegetation Management Procedure. 

In addition, SAMLARC has worked closely with professional landscape service providers as well as the Landscape and the Facilities Enhancement Committee to discuss and provide potential changes to communication, education, and landscape practices to help address those concerns.


  • Approved pesticide use notices are available below. 

  • Dedicated landscape and pest management information page on

  • Improved and consistent signage for applications in progress. Although not required by any regulations, staked signs noting the product being used will be placed and visible in areas where pedestrians may be present.

For additional questions, please refer to the Orange County Department of Agriculture at 714-955-0100 or

Scheduled Services

SAMLARC Landscape & Pest Management Resources & Policies

Orange County Agriculture Commissioner's Office

Vegetation Management
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BrightView Landscape Services​

  • Grass/Weed Control - Park Landscaping

    • 5/1/21-11/30/21​

    • Arroyo Vista, Cielo Vista, Lakeshore, Solana, Monte Vista, Tijeras Creek, Mesa Linda, Altisima, Estrella Vista, Trabuco Mesa, Vista Verde, Central, Cañada Vista

    • Notice

  • Grass/Weed Control - Park Turf

    • 5/1/21-11/30/21​

    • Arroyo Vista, Cielo Vista, Lakeshore, Solana, Monte Vista, Tijeras Creek, Mesa Linda, Altisima, Estrella Vista, Trabuco Mesa, Vista Verde, Central, Cañada Vista

    • Notice

Sunset Landscape Maintenance

  • Grass/Weed Control

    • 1/1/21-12/31/21​

    • The Heights, Lake, Town, Golf, Trails, Melinda, Antonio Parkway, Las Flores, Santa Margarita Parkway, Alicia, Plano Trabuco

    • Notice

  • Grass/Weed Control​

    • 1/1/21-12/31/21

    • The Heights, Lake, Town & Golf. Melinda, Los Alisos, Santa Margarita, Alicia, Las Flores, Antonio, Arroyo Vista, Alma Aldea, Corazon, Banderas, Las Mesitas, Via Honesto, Los Abanicos, Trails, Buena Suerte, Los Fundadores​

    • Notice

  • Grass/Weed Control​

    • 1/1/21-12/31/21​

    • The Heights, Lake, Town & Golf. Melinda, trails, Antonio Parkway, Las Flores, Santa Margarita Parkway Alicia Parkway, & Plano Trabuco

    • Notice

Pest Management
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