SAMLARC Little Library

Building a Community of Readers One Library at a Time

We invite you to join us in building a love of reading throughout our community! SAMLARC Little Libraries present a unique opportunity to fosters SAMLARC’s readers and to create a legacy within the community. 

Little Library Locations

Lakeshore Amphitheater and Park

Central Park | Solana Park

Monte Vista Park | Altisima Park

Arroyo Vista Park | Los Abanicos Trail

The Story of the SAMLARC Little Libraries​

SAMLARC's Little Library Program draws on the research and success of Little Free Library to increase the community’s access to books at key parks and amenities. Research has demonstrated that increased access to books enrich children’s academic performance. Children who grow up in homes without access to books fall an average of three years behind their peers academically. The simplest and most effective solution to this issue is to increase community-wide access to reading material.. Imagine the wonderful stories SAMLARC members could exchange through little libraries throughout our community!

The SAMLARC Little Library program operates on a “take a book, leave a book” principle, inviting community members to bring their gently-loved reading material to Little Libraries and exchange them for others. The program was approved at the July 24th, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting.

Other Ways to Participate


Spread the Word:

If you know of a Scout, school, group of friends, or great neighbors who may be interested in building a SAMLARC Little Library, let them know how they can build a love of books in our community. Connect them with Emanuel Hernandez, Assistant Project Manager to learn more.


Community members who are interested in contributing funds towards the creation of Little Libraries are welcome! Please connect with Emanuel Hernandez, Assistant Project Manager to learn more.

Let's Build a Library!

The blueprints for a SAMLARC Little Library are easy to follow, making it a great weekend project. Builders have a wide variety of options available to customize their library, from paint to fixtures to design! Whether you’re a master craftsman or a group of friends looking for a fun and worthwhile new project, building a Little Library will truly enhance your connection with our community. Follow the steps below to build your library!

  1. Download an Application Packet by clicking the green button to the right.

  2. Complete the packet and return to Emanuel Hernandez, Assistant Project Manager. The packet may be emailed or delivered to the SAMLARC Business Office.

  3. The Landscape & Facilities Enhancement Committee will review the packet and make any recommendations needed to create a beautiful and sturdy library.

  4. Build, paint, and gather a few books for your library!

  5. Deliver the library to the SAMLARC Business Office for a final inspection.

  6. SAMLARC will coordinate with you to install the library on-site.

  7. Enjoy watching your library as community members visit, read, and share!

For more information about the SAMLARC

Little Library Program, please contact

Emanuel Hernandez, Assistant Project Manager 

949-709-0022 or 

Little Library Inspiration


Please note: All designs will be reviewed by the SAMLARC Landscape & Facilities Enhancement Committee.

If you would like, you may register your Little Library with the Little Free Library program. Click HERE to learn more about the registration process. Registration is not required for SAMLARC's Little Libraries.

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