5 Reasons to Try Painting Outside

This weekend, consider stepping outside to engage your artistic abilities with Pinot’s Palette workshop which offers you the chance to paint by the Lake. Here are five great reasons to consider painting outside to add variety to life and spend time with the people you love!

1. Be surrounded by beautiful nature while exercising your creativity!

Pinot’s Palette offers a unique opportunity to receive quality art instruction in a scenic outdoor location by the Lago Santa Margarita Lake. With the lovely sunny weather and a majestic mountain range to provide rest and relaxation, there are beautiful sights to enjoy while you paint.

Being outdoors can also motivate you as you paint by providing an interesting view!

2. Enjoy a fun family activity for everyone ages 7-up

The entire family is welcome for this activity with Pinot’s Palette, and no prior experience is required to enjoy this creative pursuit. Feel free to bring your kids or grab a friend to join.

3. Eliminate all distractions to be fully engaged

Being outside to paint will help you to leave your stress and distractions behind you for two hours of creativity. Take advantage of this stunning local lake to enjoy the scenery while painting some fun little birds.

4. Experience more visual variety than the everyday spaces you usually inhabit

Rather than providing you with a room full of empty walls, Pinot’s Palette takes you outdoors for inspiration. Enjoy the fresh air and the sounds of nature while you paint your masterpiece.

5. Meet new people by painting together in a group

This fun painting opportunity will connect you with new members of the community by allowing you to paint alongside other people. You might get to meet a new friend and connect over your shared love of art! You can even compare paintings together at the end.

Come join the group at Pinot’s Palette every 2nd Saturday of the month from 10am-12pm at the Lago Santa Margarita lakeshore, including this weekend on June 10! The workshop costs $28/person and is designed for anyone ages 7 and up. The focus this weekend will be on painting a few helpful birds with instruction from an experienced painter. Enjoy the beautiful weather and be sure to invite friends to join with you.


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