Paint A Patriotic T Shirt!

Want to learn how to paint your very own patriotic t-shirt? Come to SAMLARC's Patriotic T-Shirt Painting event on Saturday, July 1, 2017 to learn from a Pinot's Palette instructor! If you can't make it to the event, check out these easy steps to make your own t-shirt painting at home. You can view each photo to follow along with the instructions! Be sure to snap some photos of your family wearing the t-shirts on July 4th for a chance to be featured on the SAMLARC Instagram account!

Red, White and Boom T-Shirt

  • Using masking tape, section off a rectangular space on the front on of your t-shirt. This will be your “painting canvas.”

  • Squirt all of your paint colors (Black, white, red, glitter and blue) onto a plate; this will be your “color palette.”

  • Using a sponge, use blue paint to fill in the sky background

  • Using a sponge, use dark blue paint (blue mixed with black) to fill in the water background

  • Use a brush and black paint to paint your trees at the waterline

  • Using a brush, paint the fireworks with red, white, and blue paint

  • Using a brush, paint the blue reflection on the left side of the water and red reflection on the right side of the water

  • Using a brush, paint white on the fireworks for the dots and streaks

  • Using a brush, paint with glitter paint around the fireworks and paint white on the reflection of the water

Finish up with more glitter on the fireworks, and you're all done!


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