Gardening Workshops

SAMLARC resident Kathie Wickham has found a creative way to make the most out of her backyard. She and her husband have worked hard over the last thirty years they have owned the home in SAMLARC to plant trees, install flower beds, work on a vegetable garden, and build a rustic shed on their property.

As a California Certified Nursery Professional, Kathie's excitement about gardening extends beyond her own home. She has offered her time and expertise to SAMLARC residents by leading Gardening Workshops for children and adults alike. Most recently, she led the Future Gardeners of SAMLARC workshop at the Lago Santa Margarita Beach Club for children to create their own caterpillar mini gardens.

Soon, Kathie will teach another workshop for adults about how to start their own herb gardens. Kathie believes that an herb or container garden is the perfect way to introduce people into the world of gardening. She explains that these plants are simple and easy to care for as their environments can be easily adjusted by moving the plants to a different area for more sunlight or shade.

Kathie loves to share her love for gardening with other people in SAMLARC! Be sure to sign up for the next Future Gardeners workshop on October 21st!


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