Meet the Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee is an important part of maintaining the beauty of the community and the property values of homes in SAMLARC! The Architectural Review Committee was formed to complete a fair and consistent aesthetic review of exterior improvements or modifications and to ensure that improvements adhere to governing documents.

Under the direction of the SAMLARC Board of Directors, the Committee provides input and recommendations as it relates to:

- Acting in an advisory capacity to recommend enforcement, policies, rules, standards, and guidelines; reporting to the Board of Directors through Management

- Testifying before the Board, court, arbitration, and/or mediation as necessary

The Architectural Review Committee meets regularly, and their objectives are:

- To review architectural plans twice each month.

- To maintain review from an aesthetic standpoint only.

- To provide sufficient information as to the reason a plan has been denied and clearly identify what is required for the plan to be approved, but shall not make the plan for the Owner

Architectural Review Committee Chair Rhonda Larson shared about her experience working with the committee. She stated that she loves living within the SAMLARC community because "the community has always grown and improved, and I really like the family atmosphere for all ages!" She also explained that she has worked with the Architectural Review Committee for a years and has greatly enjoyed the process. "I love working with people in the community who all have the same feeling about keeping Rancho Santa Margarita's real estate values at a high level, and I enjoy making sure that the community keeps the standards that homeowners like," she said.

Being a part of a committee is a great way to be involved in SAMLARC and take part in contributing positively to the community. Share with us ways you like to be involved at SAMLARC on social media!


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