Health and Wellness: How to Create and Maintain New Year’s Resolutions!

SAMLARC is back again with the third post in this holiday season blog series – Health and Wellness: It’s a Lifestyle! New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and this is the time to sit down and reflect on the year behind us while planning for the New Year ahead!

Business Insider reports that 80% of New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned by February. This blog post features helpful information on how to create and maintain realistic New Year’s Resolutions which are challenging yet achievable!

Take a look below for some ideas as you craft your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions!

1. Be specific – It’s admirable to want to get in shape or use your phone less frequently, but these types of goals can quickly feel overwhelming without more concrete steps to accomplishing this objective. For example, if your desire is to exercise more, you can make this goal more attainable by setting a goal of exercising 2 or 3 times per week for 30 minutes each time. Once you have been able to exercise every few days for several weeks in a row, you can try increasing the length and frequency of your workouts incrementally. This will allow you to celebrate the milestones without feeling too overwhelmed about your objective!

2. Choose carefully – One of the biggest reasons why people tend to break their New Year’s Resolutions is because they choose too many or they choose Resolutions that don’t work together! For example, if you want to make a Resolution about losing weight, it could be difficult to simultaneously try your hand at baking new treats each week. Look for Resolutions that are compatible with one another and will improve your overall well-being rather than adding to the stress of daily life! Making this conscious choice from the beginning will increase your likelihood of sticking to your Resolutions!

3. Track your progress – One of the most motivating parts about New Year’s Resolutions is seeing their transformation in your life! Keep track of little milestones you achieve as you go throughout your weeks and months in the New Year. It’s so exciting to watch your body transform through exercise or recollect certain ideas you have been reading in a new book, so be sure to note these down to celebrate your achievements!

4. Reward yourself – Be sure to treat yourself when you hit a big milestone! If you eat healthy most of the time, it’s not a bad thing to want a cupcake every once in a while. Don’t stress yourself out about perfectly adhering to your resolutions. Everyone needs a little balance in the form of small rewards, so make time and space for these so you can truly appreciate your progress.

5. Get support – If possible, try to tackle your New Year’s Resolutions with a friend or family member! Providing emotional support and encouragement for one another during a time when accomplishing your goals feels difficult may provide the motivation you need to keep going! Be one another’s cheerleader and complete your Resolutions together so you can share the feeling of accomplishment.

6. Don’t give up – Set your mentality from the beginning that you won’t give up on yourself and your goals, no matter what. As long as you plan properly and stay realistic about your New Year’s Resolutions, you can be successful!

We hope you enjoyed these few simple tips to help you create and maintain your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions! To review all the fun we had at SAMLARC events throughout 2017, check out our photo albums as you reminisce! We wish you a safe and Happy New Year, and be sure to look out for more blog posts in 2018!


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