Jumpstart Your 2018 Fitness Goals with SAMLARC!

The New Year has arrived and now is the perfect time to jumpstart your fitness goals for 2018 using programs and amenities right in your own community! Whether your goal is to get healthy by exercising more frequently, or you simply want the family to stay active together, there are a variety of activities and programs available to suit your fitness needs! Continue reading for some ideas on how to start the year strong by staying healthy with SAMLARC!

1. PiYo

If you are looking for a low-impact but high-intensity workout to push yourself as you start off the New Year, PiYo may be the perfect program and class for you! This class combines the muscle-sculpting and core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of Yoga. If you are looking for a great workout to challenge your body, PiYo may be exactly what you need!

2. Stroller Strides

Stroller Strides is a full cardiovascular and resistance workout that is ideal for moms who want to work out with their babies and kids while using their strollers! You get to join other moms, make new friends and experience the beautiful outdoor scenery as you engage in a full body workout! This is a great class to start the New Year strong.

3. Tennis & Pickleball Classes

SweetSpot Tennis and AYTE Pickleball and Tennis offer a variety of classes and programs for a range of beginner to experienced players at different courts throughout SAMLARC! If you have ever wanted to try playing tennis or pickleball, try signing up for one of these classes to test your hand at a new sport! They say learning something new is great exercise for your brain! As an experienced player, you can get extra practice time with players in these classes. Engaging fitness by playing tennis can make exercise fun!

4. Take a walk around the Lake and exercise at each par course station

Even during the winter, the Lago Santa Margarita is a beautiful location to enjoy! Walking or running the 1.1 course mile around the Lake is a great way to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise throughout the day. Several par course stations are established around the Lake to provide you with additional opportunities to stretch and push yourself as you exercise. You can take the whole family with you or take the challenge solo! Either way, this is an easy step in your fitness journey.

5. Swim laps at a SAMLARC Pool

It may be “winter” in Southern California, but two of the SAMLARC pools are open and heated throughout the winter so you can begin swimming laps now! Swimming laps is an outstanding way to get exercise and break up a normal routine if you typically run or lift weights.

6. Take your kids to play on a playground set

If your kids love to play outside, make a family activity out of visiting the playground! There are eleven different parks within SAMLARC that offer playground sets for kids of various ages, so you can take the family to get outside and play together! Taking the kids provides a great excuse for you to get outside and run around too!

7. Hike one of the SAMLARC community trails

A variety of trails are scattered throughout Rancho Santa Margarita and are available for you to hike! Not only does hiking help stretch your muscles and get the blood flowing, but it also yields a great view once you reach the top! If you want a rewarding fitness experience, try hiking one of the SAMLARC trails!

We hope that these ideas and opportunities are useful to you as you work toward achieving your fitness goals in 2018! Be sure to check out each of our amenities by visiting the page on our website, and you can view and register for each class by visiting the programs page at samlarc.org.


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