Jamella Perkins: From “The Voice” of SAMLARC to NBC’s The Voice!

SAMLARC singer Jamella Perkins is a Rancho Santa Margarita native who just finished competing as a contestant on a nationally televised singing competition called The Voice!

The Voice is a unique singing competition that begins with a round of blind auditions. Artists perform for four celebrity coaches who have their backs turned to the stage. If the coaches like what they hear, they press a button to turn their chairs around for a chance to add the artist to their team of talent. Throughout the show, each coach works with their team members to encourage them, provide advice and empower them to succeed.

Jamella’s powerful audition performance of “Dive” by Ed Sheeran immediately captured Coach Kelly Clarkson’s attention. After selecting Jamella for her team, Kelly helped train her throughout the season by providing suggestions and encouragement as Jamella competed in multiple elimination rounds against other skilled singers. Jamella was recently eliminated after progressing through several elimination rounds, but this singing opportunity on The Voice is just one step in Jamella’s future singing career.

While this experience on The Voice is an impressive accomplishment, Jamella has worked hard for years to be successful in her singing career and create an opportunity like this for herself. She and her mother Lisa have stuck together in the pursuit of Jamella’s dreams to sing in front of an audience and inspire them with her music.

At age seven, Jamella knew that singing was her destiny. She grew up recording cassette tapes of herself singing Disney songs, and she took every opportunity to work with music professionals as she developed her talent. Jamella is mostly self-taught and extremely motivated to succeed.

As a teenager, Jamella has performed at multiple local venues including the OC Fair where she won first place in a singing competition! Jamella also won “The Voice” of SAMLARC singing competition and went on to sing “God Bless America” at SAMLARC’s July 4th Star Spangled Spectacular in 2014 to cap off a wonderful day of celebration.

Jamella explains that the reason she loves music is because it is so uplifting and positive for her. If she feels sad or discouraged, she explains that music can instantly change her mood. Music is a powerful force, and Jamella wants to share her music with the world so others can experience the positivity she feels on a regular basis.

Outside of music, Jamella is passionate about working with animal rescue organizations and also hopes to start an anti-bullying foundation in the future. She empathizes with kids who experience bullying in school, and she wants to make every effort to help kids feel encouraged and secure in their educational environments. Jamella wants to take initiative to give back to the community. She’s not just a singer, she’s a woman with a desire for change and a talent for creating beauty.

While Jamella’s time on The Voice has come to a close, her singing talent continues to inspire her community and take her to new heights!

You can connect with Jamella on Instagram @jamellasings to follow along and support her journey!


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