Spring Delegate Workshop Highlights

As our warm weather season approaches, SAMLARC homeowners are preparing their outdoor living spaces to welcome families and friends. With this in mind, the May 30th Spring Delegate Workshop brought together Delegates from seventeen SAMLARC Delegate Districts for a great night of learning, focused on Mediterranean landscaping and design. Conscientious choices in landscaping and architectural design both reflect the creativity of each homeowner and preserve property values through the use of SAMLARC’s Mediterranean plant palettes.

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Landscape architect Michael Ledbetter was the first speaker of the evening. Michael is a licensed architect with Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, Inc. His presentation addressed the various regions that make up the Mediterranean style: Italy, Greece, France and Spain. Michael also discussed the importance of careful consideration when hardscaping. His advice to homeowners is to consider not only the pre-existing boundaries in an outdoor space, but its function and organic traffic flow for usage as well.

Michael’s presentation paved the way for consideration of Mediterranean landscaping. Kathy Moine, California Certified Nursery Professional and Green Thumb Nursery Sales Manager, guided the Delegates through a “plant tour” of some of the many Mediterranean plants included in the SAMLARC approved plant palette. She brought an array of plants to demonstrate the various color, height, and texture combinations available within the SAMLARC plant palette. For a full list of approved plants, please click HERE!

Nate Adams, Water Efficiency Administrator for the Santa Margarita Water District, discussed a few of the many resources available within the South Orange County area for water-wise, Mediterranean-inspired landscaping. Nate showcased the Water District's new gardening website, SMWD SustainaBlue Landscapes. The site contains a plethora of resources for gardeners, including native and invasive plant lists, virtual garden tours, and Water District rebate programs.

Carla Galosic, SAMLARC Community Services Manager, presented the SAMLARC refreshed residential paint palette and new Mediterranean Home webpage. The refreshed palette draws on the natural colors of the Mediterranean, as well as current trends in home design. The Mediterranean Home website will be a valuable resource for SAMLARC homeowners, providing information on the SAMLARC paint and plant palettes, as well as gardening tips and more! To view the Refreshed Residential Paint Palette on the Dunn Edwards website, please click HERE.

The final speaker of the evening demonstrated the combination of the Mediterranean landscape design, plant selection and hardscape design in his own home here in Rancho Santa Margarita. Kevin Du Mont P.E., founder of Du Mont Engineering, Inc., discussed his experience in remodeling his home to more effectively use the spaces for entertaining and relaxing, while incorporating the Mediterranean theme in a creative and elegant fashion.

By combining large-scale design work (like new pilasters and walkway tiling) with detail-oriented flourishes (like the bloom color of garden plants), Du Mont personalized SAMLARC’s Spanish Mediterranean aesthetic throughout his home.

Design by Du Mont Engineering, Architectural Engineers

SAMLARC Delegate Workshops are held in the spring and fall to provide SAMLARC Delegates with valuable information and resources. As you consider making changes to your home’s design, please remember to submit your plans to SAMLARC for approval while you create a home you love!

Click HERE to view the Delegate Workshop slides!


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