At Home in SAMLARC

Since its creation in 1986, SAMLARC’s distinct lifestyle and amenities have been a model for communities throughout South Orange County. Its friendly residents and vibrant gathering places have created a community unlike any other. A beautiful community is rooted in kindness – towards friends, neighbors, and even the critters around the Lake! Here are a few helpful ways in which you can help SAMLARC nurture our wonderful community!

Photo by SAMLARC Member Jamshid Goshtasbi

Keep Wildlife Wild

As entertaining as it may be to bring bread, crackers, or other food items with you to the Lake, feeding the waterfowl (or other wildlife) negatively interferes with the Lake’s natural food web. The food items humans present to wildlife lack the necessary nutritional value for animals’ development – often leading to twisted bones, a poor immune system, or other dangerous health problems. Additionally, regularly feeding animals creates dependency and population density problems: animals recognize a steady food source, and additional animals flock to that food source. Overcrowding then allows any animals who are carrying diseases to more easily transmit their diseases to greater numbers of animals. Ultimately, feeding the wildlife harms the very animals we enjoy watching at the Lake.

Waste Not, Want Not

Home renovations, once complete, are well worth the effort. However, homeowners are often at a loss when considering how to dispose of old or leftover materials, like paint, fluorescent lights, or even that old sofa. It may be tempting to just toss it all in the nearest trash can, but irresponsible waste disposal jeopardizes the well-being of your neighbors, civil servants, and even property values. Luckily, the City of Rancho Santa Margarita offers many resources for homeowners through its Residential Collection Services. For example: single family homes are entitled to four bulky item pickups per year at no cost, and can arrange for free e-waste collection throughout the year, as well! Visit the Residential Collection Services site to learn more about responsible waste disposal practices.

Walk this Way

Rancho Santa Margarita is known for its lush and peaceful walking paths. Community members from near and far enjoy strolling around the Lake, along neighborhood trails, or through our scenic parks. By implementing kind neighbor practices on your walk, you can help maintain the serenity of these common areas! SAMLARC has installed over 20 doggie bag stations for pet parents to use when taking Fido on a stroll. Waste can then be placed in adjacent trash receptacles. See a full trash can, or a doggie bag station that needs a refill? We welcome you to let us know so we can help maintain our beautiful community!

Enjoy the Sunshine – and a Good Book

Over the next few months, you may see new additions to our parks and Lakeside spaces. Keep an eye out for Little Free Libraries! These free book exchange stations will help inspire readers and strengthen our community by encouraging passersby to “Take a book, Share a book.” The Board approved a SAMLARC Little Free Library program at the July 2018 Board Meeting – and we invite you to partner with us as these libraries take shape! If you (and a few friends) would be interested in designing and building a unique Little Free Library for our community to enjoy, please visit to get started!

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