A Beautiful Home in a Beautiful Community: Architectural Enhancements of Your SAMLARC Home

SAMLARC Members pride themselves on the serenity and majestic appearance of their community. SAMLARC’s Mediterranean design creates a cohesive aesthetic that has, in turn, created a community known for its beauty.

When considering ways to add beauty to your home, please connect with SAMLARC’s Community Services Representatives team (CSR). Partnering with the CSR team enables homeowners to create a home that they love and to contribute to SAMLARC’s harmonious visual design. Proper home maintenance throughout the community creates a peaceful place to call home, enhances property values, and even lowers the risk of personal and community danger.

Though many homeowners can feel daunted by the thought of becoming non-compliant with SAMLARC’s Policies and Guidelines, creating a beautiful community can be as simple as maintaining a tidy front lawn! Read on for a list of some of the most common potential violations – and how to avoid them.

Ask Away

If you are thinking of new ways to show off your home’s best features, ask a member of the CSR team! Our staff is happy to answer questions about anything from acceptable landscape design to approvable paint colors. Our team works closely with homeowners ensure their plans are approvable before review by the Architectural Review Committee. Since SAMLARC’s CSR team handles both architectural applications and compliance, you can be confident that your home is in good hands – you will be able to work with a representative who knows the ins and outs of your neighborhood!

New Yard, New You

Thinking of swapping out your daisies for jasmine? Want to create an entryway that wows? Learn how to incorporate SAMLARC’s Mediterranean themes into your designs with SAMLARC’s online resources. Since Rancho Santa Margarita is positioned within a biologically Mediterranean climate (Sunset Gardening Zone 23) it may be helpful to review SAMLARC’s list of approved, water-wise plants. These beautiful plants complement the community’s Mediterranean design. This plant list gives homeowners many options when planning their landscape design and avoids the frustration of non-compliance. The CSR team can also help you connect with resources to create healthy, beautiful landscapes for your home.

Grass is Greener

The art of maintaining a beautiful garden begins with a sensitivity to the changing seasons. During the hot summer months, avoid a dry and dead-looking lawn by adjusting its watering schedules. Fall and winter provide the perfect opportunity to trim overgrown trees and shrubs. The pruning process helps remove hazardous or dead branches, reinforce the tree’s structure, and encourage future flower or fruit production. Adjusting landscape in accordance with weather changes will help maintain a lush and thriving landscape.

A Splash of Color

SAMLARC’s newly refreshed Residential Paint Palette offers homeowners a wide variety of color schemes to integrate into their homes. The new palette incorporates the colors of the Mediterranean, in classic shades that will withstand many color fads to come. SAMLARC’s residential zones are divided into eight Paint Villages, with a wide variety of complementary colors within each village. Before taking a leap of paint, connect with a CSR team member to explore the paint schemes for your neighborhood. The paint palettes are also available online at SAMLARC.org/architectural. If you find that your home just needs a touch-up, but have difficulty remembering the paint color code, you can find your color palette through SAMLARC or through the Dunn-Edwards website. Additionally, Dunn-Edwards offers interactive color-matching tools through the InstaColor mobile app and website.

Bring the Outside In

A beautiful home is difficult to see if there are distractions in the way. Bulky and weathered items, such as portable sports equipment or lingering trash cans, detract from the appearance of a home. When the kids are tired out, it can be tempting to leave the basketball backboard out in the street. However, a neighborhood filled with basketball hoops en masse is not only visually confusing, but a hazard for drivers. Please ensure that once the play (or trash day) is over, all items are stored properly. For reference, SAMLARC’s Policies and Guidelines are available online at SAMLARC.org.

These facets of responsible home ownership are straightforward and easy to resolve. If you find that a member of the Community Services team has identified an area for improvement around your home, we welcome you to connect with us! SAMLARC’s goal is to create a beautiful community, and we value your partnership. For questions about home enhancements, maintenance, or guidelines, please contact Carla Galosic, SAMLARC’s Community Services Manager, at 949-709-0016 or carla.galosic@fsresidential.com

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