Future Gardeners of SAMLARC Workshop

SAMLARC rounded out its year of gardening workshops with a feast – for our feathered friends. On Saturday, November 17th, children gathered for SAMLARC’s Future Gardeners workshop, where they learned about the importance of birds in the garden and created pinecone birdfeeders to bring home.

Learn how to make your very own birdfeeder below!

Peanut Butter Pinecone Birdfeeder

Time: 20 minutes, plus overnight drying time


1 large pinecone

1 bag of mixed birdseed

1 large paper plate

1 deep pan big enough to fit the pinecone

2 pipe cleaners

1 jar of smooth peanut butter

Spoons or spatulas

  1. Pour the bag of birdseed into the pan and set aside.

  2. Set the pinecone upright on the paper plate.

  3. Wrap one end of the pipe cleaner around one end of the other, creating a long length.

  4. Gently push the middle of the pipe cleaner through the scales near the top of the pinecone. Wrap the ends around each other and twist to secure. Leave the other ends free.

  5. Using the spoons or spatulas, generously coat the pinecone with peanut butter. Be sure to spread peanut butter between the scales (petals) of the pinecone.

  6. Once the pinecone has been coated in its entirety, set the pinecone into the pan of birdseed.

  7. Roll the pinecone back and forth in the pan to press the birdseed into the peanut butter coating. Pressing the pinecone firmly into the birdseed will help the birdseed stay in place as the peanut butter dries.

  8. Set the pinecone on the paper plate to dry overnight.

  9. Once the peanut butter is hard to the touch, use the free ends of the pipe cleaner to secure the pinecone to a tree branch or railing.

  10. Enjoy watching birds as they visit your garden!

Please click HERE to view the Future Gardeners of SAMLARC photo album, and stay tuned for next year’s gardening workshop schedule!

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