Future Gardeners Loves Ladybugs!

The first Future Gardeners of SAMLARC workshop this year was a lovely success! SAMLARC's young gardeners spent the morning learning about the ways that ladybugs help in the garden, creating a ladybug craft, and observing live ladybugs.

First, children listened to a short lesson on a ladybug's life cycle, habitat, and favorite foods (hint: aphids). Did you know there are more than 5,000 different species of ladybugs in the world? Depending on the species, a ladybug will display spots, stripes - or no markings at all.

SAMLARC's young gardeners filled in ladybug coloring pages with splashes and streaks of color, then prepared for a fun ladybug craft! Afterward, they were able to observe lots of ladybugs before setting them free outside, and took home containers with a few ladybugs of their very own.

Click HERE to view the Future Gardeners of SAMLARC Photo Album!

If you'd like to make a ladybug friend of your very own, follow the steps below!

Ladybug Paperweight


1 smooth, oval-shaped rock (flat on top is best)

Red paint

Black paint

Permanent marker

Craft glue

Googley eyes

  1. Paint the rock with a few coats of red paint. Let dry.

  2. Use the black paint to create a small half circle over one end of the rock. Let dry.

  3. Using the permanent marker, draw a line from the top of the half circle to the other end of the rock. You have created the ladybug's wings!

  4. Create dots on each side of the line with the permanent marker. Let dry.

  5. Using the craft glue, affix the googley eyes to the black portion of the rock. Let dry.

  6. Voila! Your ladybug is ready to travel with you, keep your papers from flying away, or decorate your garden!

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