New & Now Member Welcome

On Saturday, February 9, SAMLARC hosted a New and Now Member Welcome Reception. Attendees were welcomed to their new community and gained a wealth of knowledge from SAMLARC staff while they escaped the rain and enjoyed some light refreshments. Information included how to obtain gate access cards, the process for making home and landscape improvements, and learned about the many community events and programs that SAMLARC offers.

SAMLARC Board President, Robert Dickson, warmly welcomed the attendees and explained the role of the SAMLARC Board of Directors. Community Services Manager, Carla Galosic, gave information about the steps a resident would take in order to improve their home and landscape. SAMLARC follows a Mediterranean-inspired aesthetic in its architecture, paint palettes, and design, so residents were encouraged to ask any questions or browse the website for the many available options!

We want our residents to stay “in the know” and keep up with SAMLARC updates. There are many outlets that we use including: the SAMLARC Blog, news articles, Instagram, and Facebook to keep in constant communication with our membership. Our Media and Communications Specialist, Alex Kuhlmann, gave an overview of how to get connected through our monthly Member E-News and social media platforms.

Marley Sansom, Communications and Lifestyle Manager, outlined the many events and programs for adults and children to participate in, which is a great way to meet new neighbors! Whether it is “Gentle Yoga” or “Painting by the Lake”, there is a program or class for every member of the family to enjoy! Along with these fun events, Jerry Corpuz, Beach Club and Facilities Manager, wrapped up the workshop with information about SAMLARC’s parks, pools, trails and sports leagues.

Attendees left with an understanding of their new community and were encouraged to take a goodie bag on their way out. We want to thank everyone that attended the informational workshop and hope to see you around the community. Welcome to SAMLARC!



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