Committee Spotlight: Architectural Review Committee and Covenant Committee

The SAMLARC Board of Directors is currently seeking dedicated community Members to serve on SAMLARC’s volunteer Committees. Each Committee is foundational to preserving property values and enriching the lives of all who live in SAMLARC. The Architectural Review and Covenant Committees both serve significant roles in upholding SAMLARC’s community design.

Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) upholds SAMLARC’s cohesive community design by reviewing home improvement applications and ensuring that proposed plans (including paint, hardscape, and landscape renovations) harmonize with SAMLARC’s Mediterranean-inspired aesthetics. This Committee completes fair and consistent aesthetic reviews of exterior improvements or modifications and ensures that improvements adhere to governing documents. The ARC meets on the second and fourth Monday of each month to objectively evaluate each application so that homeowners are able to beautify their homes within the scope of SAMLARC’s Architectural Standards.

Covenant Committee

The Covenant Committee is tasked with maintaining Members’ compliance with SAMLARC’s CC&R’s, Architectural Standards, and Policies & Guidelines. The Covenant Committee reviews acute infractions to determine fair and consistent rulings in light of the governing documents. The Covenant Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month and aims to resolve violations as quickly as possible for homeowner convenience.

Volunteering on a Committee provides the opportunity to use your skills and expertise to invest in your community! The application window for SAMLARC Committees is open now through Sunday, March 15, 2020. Interviews will be conducted following the March 24, 2020 Board Meeting, and the Board of Directors will appoint all Committee Members at the April 28, 2020 Board Meeting. To apply to serve on a SAMLARC Committee, please visit

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