Community Begins with You

Over the past several weeks, the SAMLARC community has come together to display unparalleled positivity; showcasing kindheartedness, compassion, and a desire to truly nurture a “small town” feeling. Residents continue to support small businesses and restaurants, who in turn have donated time and energy to supporting the essential workforce. Volunteers are donating their time to provide food, masks, and services to those in need, while friends share recipes, recommendations, and videos to spread joy online. Families are safely enjoying the parks, trails, and Lakeshore, and through it all, our resilient community stands strong. SAMLARC is made up of individual Members who make a difference. Each day, they commit to being their best so that they can encourage their friends, family members, neighbors, and community at large.

FirstService Residential, SAMLARC’s Management Company, has compiled a short guide to help you be at your best: to be in a frame of mind that helps you stay positive, thankful, balanced, and compassionate. In the day-to-day, many factors affect the way you feel in any given moment. These include sleep and exercise habits, eating patterns, relationships, and even your level of gratitude. However, you can always enhance your ability to be at your best. The questions below can help you identify the healthy habits that will enable you to not just feel great, but also deepen your relationships.

  • When are you at your best?

  • What do you need to focus on more to be at your best?

  • How does being at your best benefit you as you work, play, or relax?

Answering these questions will prompt valuable self-reflection! Another practical exercise to help you be at your best is to select two (2) goals from the list below and commit to practicing them over the next few weeks.

  • Being here, now

  • Being grateful

  • Focusing on spirituality

  • Exercising more

  • Eating better

  • Being aware of your moods

  • Spending time with friends

  • Having more fun

  • Getting more rest

Incorporating these questions and goals into your routine will not only help you to be at your best – it will also enhance your capacity to serve the community at large. Organizations such as RSM Cares welcome volunteers for the twice-monthly Food Pantry, Zero Trash clean-up days, and senior meal delivery. Supporting small businesses as they navigate re-opening may require patience but is well worth the time as you build up local families. Showing kindness to customers, clerks, children, and others is an investment in the values that keep SAMLARC strong.

As families worldwide forge ahead during this time, the SAMLARC Board of Directors is committed to protecting public health and slowing the spread of the Coronavirus in the SAMLARC Community. These measures have been successful thanks to the patience and optimism of SAMLARC Members. Your flexibility and community-mindedness have been instrumental in cultivating community spirit. The Board looks forward to the day when as a community, SAMLARC can celebrate the joys of our town together.

The SAMLARC Board of Directors is working alongside FirstService Residential to minimize the impacts of COVID-19 on the community, while continuing to provide excellent services. For more information on SAMLARC’s response measures to COVID-19, please visit

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