Good Neighbors: Considerate, Courteous, and COVID-Conscious

The uncertainty and stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic can, at times, feel overwhelming. Parents are adjusting to new school schedules, essential workforce teams are working around the clock, and community members are doing their best to “flatten the curve.” It is understandable that on some days, one might feel capable and positive, while on others, one might feel powerless. However, this time presents an important opportunity to display the strength of the SAMLARC community. Setting aside just a few moments out of your day can make a tremendous impact in the lives of your neighbors, friends, family members and community members.

Below are a few easy ways to extend kindness to those around you:

  • If you have an elderly neighbor, checking in on them and offering to pick up groceries, take out the trash, or serve in another way from a distance, can make a significant impact.

  • Leaving a kind note on your front porch to thank a delivery driver can be very meaningful to them on their daily route.

  • Making a poster with kind messages to display in your front window can encourage many as they walk or drive by.

  • Sharing a positive social media post can brighten up your friends' social media streams as they browse throughout the day.

  • Sending a text to friends and family members with whom you have not had a recent conversation can be a wonderful reminder of the support and encouragement they receive from you.

  • Donating non-perishable foods to a local food bank, such as the RSM Cares Food Pantry, helps those in need during this uncertain time.

  • Buying gift cards to local restaurants to use for takeout or future dining helps to support local businesses that truly need it.

  • If you choose to visit a SAMLARC amenity, following posted signage and social distancing requirements, as well as keeping groups to a minimum, helps to prevent the spread of the virus.

These small gestures can help a member of the community feel valued and encouraged, bolstering the “hometown” feeling that SAMLARC families enjoy. In addition to these simple acts of thoughtfulness, healthy community members can also serve by delivering meals to vulnerable seniors, creating hygiene kits to donate at a shelter, donating blood, and more. Please visit for more information on ways to support the community at large.

In order to successfully navigate through this COVID-19 period, it is important to stay informed about the virus and its impacts. One important way to protect the community is to fight the spread of misinformation. Before sharing a viral social media post or exchanging stories with neighbors, be sure to check the facts. Official public health agencies such as the World Health Organization (, the Centers for Disease Control (cdc.coronavirus), and the White House ( have the most accurate information pertaining to the pandemic situation. Local health agencies such as the California Department of Public Health ( and the Orange County Health Care Agency ( speak to current conditions in the state and local area.

As the Coronavirus continues to impact our world and all facets of life, the SAMLARC Board of Directors is committed to protecting public health and slowing the spread of the virus in the SAMLARC community. To learn more about SAMLARC’s response to the Coronavirus in this time, please visit

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