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As public health officials and community leaders work to slow the spread of COVID-19, many families are spending more time at home. The temporary closures of schools, daycare centers, and public spaces may disrupt the normal routines your family enjoys. However, to help fuel your family's passion for learning and exploring, we invite you to consider the resources and activities below!

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Fork Flowers: Create a beautiful painting using the kitchen's handiest utensil. Dip the back of large and small forks into craft paint and use as a stamp for tulips of all sizes.

Sidewalk Chalk Art: Join the fun with SAMLARC’s daily activity. Show us your creativity with sidewalk art! Draw yourself flying in the sky, or swimming through the deep blue sea, the ideas are endless! Share your masterpiece by tagging @SAMLARC. We hope you have fun!

Butterfly Coffee Filter:Coffee filter papers – you need 4 circles for each butterfly, Washable felt pens, Pipe cleaners, Pipette/spray bottle/large paintbrush and Water. Step 1: Decorate the circles Step 2: Drip water all over them! Step 3: Let them dry Step 4: fold each circle Step 5: Bring the filters together Step 6: Tie the wings together Step 7: Fan out its wings.

Scholastic Learn at Home: Free digital stories, articles, videos, and learning challenges.

Google Arts and Culture: Virtual tours of museums and major landmarks, in-depth exploration of paintings, and more.

This post will be periodically updated with new opportunities to learn, play, and grow together during this season. The resources above have been compiled for Members’ information only. SAMLARC and its Management Company, FirstService Residential LLC, are not affiliated, associated, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the organizations listed above.

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