Looking Ahead: Landscape Activity in Quarter 1

As landscape is SAMLARC’s largest asset, comprehensive maintenance is crucial to the long-term resiliency of the community’s parks, greenbelts, streetscapes, and trails. When the Board of Directors reviewed SAMLARC’s landscape service structure, they determined that engaging specialized landscape vendors would best serve the community in 2020. SAMLARC is partnering with BrightView Landscapes and Sunset Landscape Maintenance, both of whom were selected for their expertise in parks and sportsfield management (BrightView) and large-scale environmental/ornamental landscapes (Sunset).

Each landscape vendor is equipped with an action plan for the first quarter of 2020. These plans identify key tasks and objectives that, over time, will produce efficient operations and beautiful landscapes. Over the course of Quarter 1, Members can expect to see Sunset and BrightView team members executing the following activities community-wide:

30 Days

Evaluations – Walk through the community with SAMLARC Management and landscape consultant to review and discuss current conditions of landscape and establish operations schedules.

Irrigation – Systematically audit irrigation systems to assess coverage, saturation, and necessary repairs. Prepare preventative maintenance inspection maps and reports.

Turf – Examine turf for deteriorating, dormant, or barren areas, then apply fertilizer or overseed (plant temporary, fast-growing grass) as needed. Ensure tree wells are well-defined to encourage healthy growth of tree roots and trunks.

60 Days

Monuments/Corners – Perform detailed trimming and edging of sidewalks, remove weeds, and prepare proposal to fill empty spaces with plant material and/or mulch as appropriate.

Street-side Trees – Review the community tree inventory and inspect trees for health and longevity. Raise or remove lower branches. Coordinate with SAMLARC to establish future tree trimming operations.

90 Days

Medians – Execute routine maintenance in median planters, following the original color palettes along the arterial thoroughfares (e.g. white magnolias and roses on Santa Margarita Parkway, and purple agapanthus and jacarandas on Antonio Parkway).

Slopes – Trim plant material that may block sprinkler coverage, remove dying plant material, clean the V-ditches to safely channel runoff water into storm drains.

Thanks to the maturity of its plant material, SAMLARC’s landscape features delightful colors and textures throughout the year. However, the age of the landscape also necessitates meticulous planning to protect its long-term vitality. Though the activities scheduled over Quarter 1 will not immediately change the landscape, they will lay a foundation for Sunset and Brightview’s operations over the remainder of 2020 and into future years. The SAMLARC Board of Directors looks forward to working with these partners in reinvigorating SAMLARC’s landscape.

SAMLARC’s landscape design invites Members to enjoy natural beauty in their community. The Board of Directors is committed to protecting the quality and attractiveness of the community’s landscape as SAMLARC grows older. This article is part of a 2020 series on SAMLARC’s landscape stewardship. To learn more, please visit SAMLARC.org/news.

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