The Benefits of Yoga and Gentle Stretch

You probably hear it a lot - maybe from a friend, a family member; or maybe a news story or even from your Doctor - they proclaim that their lives have been changed for the better since they started doing yoga! You even admit to yourself that you have seen a change in them, they seem to feel better and are more confident and talk about their wonderful yoga teacher. You secretly wonder if a yoga practice could help you in your life.

A regular yoga practice can offer mental and physical health benefits, like improved flexibility, are clearly evident, while others, including mental clarity, improved balance, confidence and stress reduction, may be slightly subtler but are just as powerful.

Yoga’s physical health benefits:

  • Improves flexibility, strength, muscle form, and toning

  • Reduces pain in joints, back, arthritis, migraines, and muscle soreness

  • Stabilizes breathing and improves lung capacity

  • Improves blood circulation which detoxifies your body

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Regulates metabolism and improves digestion

  • Balances the hormonal system

Yoga’s mental health benefits:

  • Improves concentration, focus, and mental clarity

  • Reduces stress, depression, and anxiety through increased endorphin secretion

  • Mood stabilization

  • Improves sleep and reduces sleep disturbance

  • Increases feelings of well-being and self-image

At SAMLARC the "Gentle Stretch" yoga class is designed for both beginners and intermediate students of all ages and fitness levels. So the next time you’re considering a yoga class, why not give it a try? You’ll be amazed at the almost instant benefits yoga has to offer. Find out about Gentle Yoga for the Rest of Us HERE!

Let’s imagine your first class - you assume everyone else is more flexible (“I’m not flexible enough to do yoga”), you assume everyone is better than you. ("I’ll never look as good as them”) Let go and roll out your mat and give it a try, you'll be surprised - yoga truly is a simple personal practice, and it’s all about you. It is NOT a competition sport! Everyone’s body is different, every day, your stretch will be different then your neighbors stretch and that's okay!

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