Meet the Community Lifestyle Committee

The Community Lifestyle Committee is an important part of SAMLARC! The Community Lifestyle Committee is formed to analyze and provide recommendations regarding the types of events, classes and programs that are most beneficial to the SAMLARC community.

Under the direction of the SAMLARC Board of Directors, the Committee provides input and recommendations as it relates to:

• Community Lifestyle Events

• Recreation Programs and Classes

• Sponsorship Programs and Opportunities

• Volunteer Program

• Other projects as assigned by the Board of Directors

The Committee meets regularly to:

• Participate in the evaluation of potential program concepts and ideas to include parameters and scope

• Participate in the development of the Annual Community Events Calendar

• Evaluate event and program success

• Analyze new events and programs

• Participate in a cost/benefit analysis of programs, events and recreational classes

• Develop and recommend annual budget allocation for community events and programs.

• Update, as needed, the Sponsorship and Volunteer Programs