Event Highlights from Hot Havana Nights

Hot Havana Nights was the perfect event to end the summer season! In celebration of this wonderful event, we have put together a few highlights of what made it so special for our guests.

Salsa dancing was one of the most anticipated parts of Hot Havana Nights! SitaraSon, a top-rated local salsa band, played live music throughout the event that encouraged everyone to get moving on the dance floor. Two dancers from Sway Ballroom attended to demonstrate salsa dancing and provide a time of instruction for any new dancers in the crowd.

Once the crowd had a chance to watch the dancers perform the steps, they were prepared to test their skill! Dozens of couples headed to the dance floor to take advantage of the lively music. Salsa dancing under the stars was greatly enjoyed by all throughout the warm evening.

In case you missed the event and want to brush up on your salsa dancing knowledge, be sure to check out this salsa dancing demonstration video created by the Sway dancers for Hot Havana Nights!

There was a special salsa dancing competition that guests could enter to show off their talent and win prizes! Thank you to everyone who participated, but a special thanks and congratulations to our top three winners!