Exciting New Repairs to the Lake Ecosystem

​On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, SAMLARC met with engineers to discuss the design aspects of a pump station to be installed at the Lago Santa Margarita Lake. SAMLARC is working with top engineers to repair the Lake ecosystem by utilizing an irrigation pump station to help purify the Lake water while also providing water for landscape irrigation system surrounding the Lake.

When the Lake was created, the intent was for it to be an active ecological system with aquatic life similarly found in a natural lake. This intention can only be maintained by converting the current “closed system” to an open flow through system with continuous fresh water being added to the Lake. This will be achieved by adding a pump station and irrigation system to help turn-over the Lake water thus decreasing mineral and salt levels in the Lake water.

Once installed, the pump station will pull water out of the Lake and into the existing irrigation system, additional fresh water will then be added to the Lake. Since the Lake was originally designed and constructed in 1985, mineral levels have increased dramatically due to debris, animal life, water runoff and fluctuating climate changes. The pump station will be designed to cycle fresh water into the Lake and decrease unhealthy mineral levels that prevent possible disruptions within the Lake’s ecosystem.

The new design creates a friendlier ecosystem for the fish and wildlife to inhabit the Lake. Without this process of controlling the mineral and salt levels, the Lake water could become very harmful for fish and wildlife. A healthy fish-friendly Lake is one of the major goals within the Board of Directors Strategic Plan for 2017-2020, which will be achieved through the hard work of all teams involved in the project.

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