Health and Wellness: 5 Easy Tips to Lose Weight During the Holidays!

We are back again with the second post in SAMLARC’s new blog series – Health and Wellness: It’s a Lifestyle! With Thanksgiving just a few days away, this blog post features helpful information on how to maintain your health during a time when it is easy to overindulge. Take a look at what a health and wellness expert has to say about this topic and stay tuned for more information throughout the holiday season!

5 Easy Tips to Lose Weight During the Holidays!

Kristy De Leon | Marriage and Family Therapist, Weight Loss Coach, Virtual Nutrition Business owner and SAMLARC Community Lifestyle Committee Member

The holidays can bring a lot of joy and excitement but can also bring on additional weight. All the fun foods and drinks from parties as well as the stress that comes with the holidays can create a recipe for disaster. On average, most people gain 10-15 pounds over the holiday season. Within a span of 7-8 weeks, people can gain more weight than they have gained all year! That does not have to be the result of your holiday season. Today, I want to share 5 easy tips on how to lose weight during the holidays while still enjoying holiday foods!