Project Updates in 2017!

Throughout 2017, many SAMLARC facilities received improvements and refurbishments to continue providing the membership with the best amenities possible as they enjoy life in Rancho Santa Margarita. Currently, several projects are nearing completion and will be finished by the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018. Following are some of the major projects that occurred in 2017!

Beach Club Storage Building and Trash Enclosure Project

The Beach Club Storage building and trash enclosure were constructed in spring 2017. The new storage building provides additional space for equipment and supplies, and it centralizes SAMLARC’s storage needs. The trash enclosure was relocated and expanded to accommodate janitorial needs.

Parking Lot Refurbishment at SAMLARC Parks and the Beach Club

Asphalt resurfacing, overlay, and complete ADA reconstruction was completed this fall at nine of the SAMLARC parking lots, as well as the parking lot at the Lakeshore amphitheater and the Beach Club.

Arroyo Vista Pool Replastering

The replastering and repairs to Arroyo Vista Pool were completed in December 2017. SAMLARC opened and heated the pools at Monte Vista Park, Solana Park, and Altisima Park throughout the Arroyo Vista Pool Closure so members still had access to the aquatic amenities.

Beach Club Fencing Project