3 Ways to Encourage Health & Fitness Success in 2018

We are back to share with you the next post in SAMLARC’s blog series – Health and Wellness: It’s a Lifestyle! As you start the New Year with goals in mind, here are a few tips to achieve your objectives and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Take a look at what this health and wellness expert has to share about staying true to your goals in 2018!

3 Ways to Encourage Health & Fitness Success in 2018!

Kristy De Leon | Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Rapid Results Weight Loss Coach, Virtual Nutrition Business owner and SAMLARC Community Lifestyle Committee Member

The New Year has begun, and like many others, I have set my health & fitness goals for 2018. About 40% of Americans create goals for the New Year, but sadly, research from the University of Scranton found that only 8% of people actually meet their goals. That is such a small percentage! It is sad to think about all the important and life-changing goals that have fallen by the wayside. However, I believe that it is not too late to realign your goals. There are 3 key things that you can do to encourage health & fitness success with your goals this year!