SAMLARC Board Initiatives: Paint Palette and Mediterranean Landscape Design

One of the richest sources of garden design for hundreds of years has been the Mediterranean garden. As you may know, the beautiful Mediterranean styles derive from European countries such as Greece, Italy, France and Spain. Beautiful and pragmatic, the style developed out of the great diversity of Mediterranean history, culture and religion. While the style developed in the Mediterranean basin, it is adaptable to many other areas — particularly those with a similar climate, featuring winter rains and long, dry summers. The climate zone in the Mediterranean is the same as the climate zone in Rancho Santa Margarita, allowing us to imitate the Mediterranean aesthetic in our own backyards.

With this concept in mind, one of the 2018 Board initiatives is to refresh the current Paint Palette, approved in 2009 which corresponds with a complementary landscape palette that integrates features of the Mediterranean landscape.

The SAMLARC Board of Directors is excited to collaborate with the Architect