Event Recap: Homeowner Landscape Planning Workshop

On Saturday, March 17th, SAMLARC hosted a Homeowner Landscape Planning Workshop to provide resources to those seeking landscaping advice! Attendees gained a wealth of knowledge from landscape professionals including an Architectural Consultant, a California Certified Nursery Professional, and a Water District Representative.

There are a diversity of options available within the Mediterranean landscape profile including beautiful styles which derive from European countries such as Greece, Italy, France and Spain. Renewed focus on the Mediterranean style will create a personalized landscape for homeowners while maintaining the community aesthetic of SAMLARC homes.

Attendees learned about landscape design from Michael Ledbetter, a landscape architect consultant. In addition to discussing issues of structural integrity and hardscape construction, he emphasized the importance of properly submitting landscape design plans, and weighed the advantages and disadvantages of professional versus “Do-It-Yourself” renovation.

Kathy Moine, from California Certified Nursery Professionals, presented a slideshow of many exquisite plants from the Mediterranean region. This presentation showcased the wide range of options included within the SAMLARC landscape guidelines. Then, Nate Adams, a Santa Margarita Water District Representative, discussed water conservation in the context of landscape design. He proposed turf removal, drip irrigation, and irrigation controllers to both promote water conservation and reduce the cost of landscape maintenance.