Recognizing Our Volunteers!

SAMLARC Committees serve as a valuable asset to the SAMLARC Community, serving as a vital link between the Membership and the Board of Directors. Each Committee meets on a regular basis to discuss a variety of projects and matters concerning the health and well-being of the SAMLARC Community. These Committees are comprised of passionate volunteers who help SAMLARC further understand the needs and concerns of residents in the Community. Committee Members are a critical link between Members like you, the Board of Directors and the SAMLARC staff! In addition to providing valuable insights and practical assistance to the Board, volunteers also help to keep SAMLARC’s assessment fee low without compromising the quality of the various services, amenities and events that the Community enjoys. SAMLARC is proud to support the following Committees:

Standing Committees

  • Budget and Cash Flow Committee

  • Communications Committee

  • Landscape & Facilities Enhancement Committee

  • Community Lifestyle Committee

  • Insurance Review Committee

  • 2019 Election Committee

Ad Hoc Committees

  • Lago Santa Margarita Ad Hoc Committee