Water Conservation: Summer Edition!

Summer is just around the corner! The warm weather brings about family picnics, beach days, and backyard barbecues. Last year at this time, Governor Jerry Brown declared that the drought was over in California and subsequently reduced the water restrictions that were imposed upon California residents. Many of the stringent water policies were repealed and residents were more liberal in their daily water usage.

Unfortunately, California is close to experiencing another drought. Snowpack – which accounts for almost 30% of California’s water supply – is less than a third of normal levels for this time during the year. Statistics from the National Integrated Drought Information System indicate that 76% of California residents are currently experiencing abnormal dryness or drought conditions.

Given these circumstances, water conservation should be a priority for SAMLARC residents this summer. In Orange County specifically, outdoor watering accounts for 40-70% of total water used, making the management of this facet of water use an incredibly important element of water conservation strategy.

SAMLARC has compiled the following tips to help you maintain your landscape in an efficient and cost-effective manner: