The RSM Experience: Small Town Vibes with a Big Community Heart

Each time I walk down one of my favorite streets in RSM, I’m reminded of how much I appreciate living in this hidden gem of a community; Rancho Santa Margarita. I always joke with friends that I don’t want our town to be publicized, because I want it to be kept as our little secret.

What is it about this town that has me so enamored? Where shall I begin?

Let’s start with the most obvious: the natural beauty that surrounds RSM. There are so many canyons, trails, and parks that are perfectly maintained, yet blend in naturally with Mother Nature’s backdrop.

Photos by Anne Chung

Or how about the famous Lago Santa Margarita? Where we can walk our dogs, or we can work out, or watch ducks and turtles swim. The list goes on. It must be one of the most photograph