Gardening Workshop: Creating Beautiful Container Gardens

On Saturday, November 3rd, SAMLARC hosted an Adult Gardening Workshop that brought the beauty of autumn to Members’ homes. Kathie Wickham, a California Certified Nursery Professional and SAMLARC Member, led participants in creating beautiful Fall Color Bowl container gardens. Container gardens are an easy way to add color and texture to your outdoor space, without major renovation. Container gardens offer gardeners the chance to experiment with new plants and colors, and can be rearranged after a season. To create a beautiful container garden, keep the following tips in mind!

If you intend for your container garden to be a staple fixture in your outdoor space, choose a pot that complements the colors of your home. It may be helpful to consider the container’s weight and materials, in case your garden needs to be moved for sun or shade exposure. Most importantly, pick a pot with a drainage hole. This is important to avoid root rot, which occurs when a pla