Committee Spotlight: ARC Member Edith Carpenter

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) welcomes a new Committee Member this month: Edith Carpenter!

When considering potential areas to raise their family, the Carpenters sought out a beautiful and family-friendly environment. They were thrilled to find that SAMLARC’s very design – from the pedestrian-friendly layout of the streets to the large gathering spaces in the parks, and from the sunny Beach Club Lagoon to the welcoming Lago Santa Margarita – was drafted with community relationships in mind. The Carpenters have raised their family in SAMLARC’s “village” life-style for more than twenty years, making deep connections with their neighbors, church life, and other community members. In fact, Edith also represents the Santa Fe community district as a SAMLARC Delegate.

In her role as a Committee Member, Edith combines her personal experience as a SAMLARC Member and her professional insight as a 15-year South Orange County realtor. As a realtor, she is attuned to the ways that home improvements directly affect property values; as a SAMLARC homeowner, she embraces the joy of creating a beautiful home.