2021 Board of Directors

The SAMLARC Board of Directors serves the SAMLARC Membership by guiding the Corporation’s business decisions, lifestyle development, community management strategies, and property value preservation. The Board is comprised of seven (7) volunteer Directors, each elected by the Membership to serve two-year terms, with appointments as necessary.

At the Board of Directors Open Session Meeting held on March 23, 2021, the Board conducted its annual alignment of Director positions. The Directors will serve in the following capacities through the 2022 Election and the March 2022 Board Meeting, at which point the Directors will realign.

Director Roles

President: Paul Persiani

Vice President: Judy Vasquez

Secretary: Robert Sherfy

Chief Financial Officer: Jeff Halbreich

Director at Large: Deborah Christensen

Director at Large: Robert Louvar

Director at Large: Charles Villafana

Committee Appointments

Each Director serves on a variety of SAMLARC Committees to participate in detailed discussions of SAMLARC’s operations, goals, and initiatives. Committees are comprised of both Board Members and SAMLARC Members per their respective Charters, and meet regularly to provide insight and feedback for the Board’s consideration.

  • Budget and Cash Flow Committee

  • Jeff Halbreich, Robert Sherfy, Robert Louvar

  • Communications Committee

  • Jeff Halbreich, Judy Vasquez

  • Landscape & Facilities Enhancement Committee

  • Paul Persiani, Charles Villafana, Judy Vasquez

  • Community Lifestyle Committee

  • Robert Louvar, Judy Vasquez, Deborah Christensen

  • COVID 19 Executive Committee

  • Jeff Halbreich, Judy Vasquez, Charles Villafana

  • Insurance Review Committee

  • Jeff Halbreich, Deborah Christensen, Robert Sherfy, Alternate Charles Villafana

  • Election Committee

  • Robert Louvar, Alternate Paul Persiani

  • Lago Santa Margarita Committee

  • Charles Villafana, Paul Persiani

  • Rancho Santa Margarita Youth Sports Council

  • Jeff Halbreich, Alternate Robert Sherfy

  • Recycled Water Ad Hoc Committee

  • Paul Persiani, Charles Villafana, Robert Sherfy

Liaison Appointments

Board Directors also serve as SAMLARC representatives in a variety of capacities, including partnerships with community organizations and internal review Committees. The liaisons regularly attend functions so that SAMLARC stays attuned to the developing interests and needs of the broader community, as well as upholding SAMLARC’s Governing Documents as a Corporation.

  • City of Rancho Santa Margarita

  • Paul Persiani (Board President)

  • RSM Chamber of Commerce

  • Robert Louvar

  • Community Associations of Rancho (CAR)

  • Robert Louvar & Deborah Christensen

  • SAMLARC Architectural Review Committee

  • Deborah Christensen

  • SAMLARC Covenant Committee

  • Robert Sherfy

  • SAMLARC Construction Projects

  • LFEC Chair – Paul Persiani (Board President)

  • SAMLARC Community Schools and School Districts

  • Paul Persiani (Board President)

The SAMLARC Board of Directors is committed to preserving the value, desirability, and attractiveness of all properties within SAMLARC. For more information on each Board Director, please visit SAMLARC.org/directors.

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